An In-Depth Look at General Hospital Newcomer Daniel Cummings


As previously reported, actor and singer Daniel Cummings made his debut today on General Hospital as youngster Taylor Wallace, Kristina Corinthos's (Lexi Ainsworth) new study partner. He recently did an interview with his hometown newspaper, Powell Tribune, where he talks about landing his role and his new character

Cummings previously auditioned for a totally different “General Hospital” character and didn’t land the part.

“But I made a good impression on the casting director, and he kept bringing me back, and I kept reading for him,” Cummings said. He actually got this role without an audition.

He also goes into Taylor's background and the possibility that the character might be another bad boy for Kristina.

“I can only hope that there’s a dramatic twist and maybe I’ll be some sort of evil super-villian.”

“For right now, he’s a nice guy,” he said.

Cummings has only been slated for three episodes so far; July 13, July 14, and August 11. He hopes for positive response from the fans, so they can keep him on.

Cummings said he was told, “If it clicks, it can continue indefinitely.”

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