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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Robin wants to jump Patrick's bones right there in the supply closet, but he talks her into waiting until they get home.  She checks out first and goes home.  Lisa sees them leaving the closet and mentions it to Steven, who's not interested in Scrubs love life.  Patrick comes home with flowers and strawberries and he and Robin make love, but he looks mighty guilty after.

Claire tells Michael that he shouldn't be with Sonny, that he's violating the conditions of his release and threatens to call Judge Carroll.  Sonny guilts her out of it, so she lets Michael off with a warning. 

Franco makes nice with Josslyn while Jax just stands back and offers empty threats.  Franco gives Joss a tiny little monkey, and the mother in me kept thinking that it had small pieces that she could choke on!  (I did love how the baby dropped the monkey on the ground and then kept straining to look for it.)  Franco takes off and Jax calls the police.

Sam arrives at Casa de Stone Cold and asks Jason if Sonny was responsible for Kristina's near death.  Dante gets the call about Franco and leaves.  Jason asks Sam to stay with Spin, while he goes to talk to Sonny.

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Johnny and Lucky discuss the case. Both believe Sonny was behind it, but have no proof.  Johnny mentions how Ethan came close to being there that night, so Lucky summons Ethan to ask why he wasn't.  Ethan explains that Luke wanted him to pay off the cigar man, and Lucky tells him he thinks Sonny warned Luke to get Ethan out of the way.

Jason visits Sonny, who admits that he was responsible for the bombing.  Both give each other a tongue bath about how wonderful the other is.  Apparently Jason respects Sonny more than anyone else, including his late father, Dr Alan Quartermaine.  Whatever.  Sonny tells Jason that he's playing Claire, that he will sleep with her and compromise her.  Jason warns him to be careful. 

Dante, Ronnie and Mac are discussing the Franco issue.  Jax arrives to give his statment to Mac.  Dante questions whether Franco will pay Ronnie a visit next, or if he already has. 

Franco goes home and decides to deface his entire house with that lame tag.

Claire goes back to Sonny's, where he has a meal waiting for her, as a thank you for her behaviour towards Michael earlier.  Johnny arrives as the two are making nice and reminds Claire that she shouldn't be eating with the enemy, so she takes off.

Lucky tells Mac that he has a lead on the guy who planted the bomb and is heading down to try to get him to confess.

There's a knock on Spin's door and he, assuming that it's Carly, starts loudly talking about revenge as he opens the door, to find Lulu there, who questions who he wants revenge on.

Jason and Dante get to Franco's house and both pull their guns.