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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Sam and Alexis discuss Kristina and the new limitations on her. A subdued Kristina arrives and admits that she was being a brat and, although she still can't stand her father, she promises to do better. Alexis tells her that she has a new summer study partner, who they both assume is a girl, but when the student arrives, it turns out it's a boy. Kristina and Taylor study, but K has a flashback of Kiefer hitting her.

Jason and Dante search Franco's house, but find nothing except a piece of paper with Jake's name on it, so they head over to Jake's for whatever clue they can find.

Nik tells Shirley that Liz is allowing him to be a part of the baby's life and he thanks her for her input. Helena runs into Liz and Elizabeth tells her to get lost. Liz later tells Nik that Helena has been bothering her again, and this time, he's more willing to deal with the Helena issue.

Line of the day:

Liz to Helena: "You think I'm a bitch now, try messing with my kids"

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Lulu asks Spinelli about his revenge comment and he tells her that he has his sights set on Matt and, by extension, Maxie. Lulu begs him not to do anything, that the kiss meant nothing. Carly arrives and is worried that Lulu knows the truth, but Spin assures her otherwise. Lulu leaves and Carly and Spin continue to hatch their evil plan. Apparently Dante needs to suffer, but no one else involved in the Michael debacle needs to. Shut up Spinelli. Sam arrives and asks both Carly and Spinelli to leave, so she can have some alone time with Jason.

Brook and Tracy finally run into each other and there's clearly no love lost between them. Tracy tells her that she knows she's out of money and that Ned and Lois cut her off, but Brook assures her that she has a paying gig and wants nothing to do with the Qs.

While Maya and Maxie are shooting the breeze, Maya mentions that she thinks Maxie is interested in Matt, who happens to walk up and overhear.

Bobbie makes a brief appearance to look at Ethan's injured hand, but passes him off to Maya. She starts looking after him, but when he tells her his tale, she bails on him. Way to be professional there, Maya.

Franco shows up at Jake's and talks to Coleman about a special night at the bar. I wonder why Coleman doesn't recognize him. If a serial killer was in my town, I'd know about it.

Matt and Maxie show up at Jake's and Maxie lets it spill that she's no longer in love with Spinelli, but then takes it back. Lulu finds them and tells them that Spinelli is planning revenge, which makes Maxie happy to think that he's jealous.

Carly and Jax run into each other. He tells her about the encounter with Franco and how much of a total wuss he was, but she accepts that he couldn't do anything with Josselyn there. Just as they are about to kiss, Skye interupts.

Dante and Jason show up at Jake's, just as Franco shows up at Sam's.