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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop!

Franco, Franco, Franco… I will admit that this time around I A. like it a tad bit better and B. there is much better balance BUT didn’t we see Franco target Sam and Lulu last time? Is some of this just lather, rinse and repeat? His graffiti tag sign, the number 66 and now his monkey … at least it seems Jason and Dante are getting closer to figuring out what 66 means. Will we ever know what his tag sign is? The crew figures out that Franco is killing people along route 66 and that the murders have something to do with the song lyrics from Kalup’s performance. This is what leads them to the land of la la, Los Angeles. Will Jason wind up back in the slammer now that they’ve figured out Franco? That’s Ronnie’s plan.


Back in the slammer… Jason is back in Pentonville and he gets another Franco photo. Will Dante be able to get him release for the trip out west? Yes.

Elizabeth is in labor… Didn’t she just say she had a month to go? Well despite some attempts at medication to slow it down, that Cassadine err I mean Spencer baby wants out! It’s a boy and Shirley sees that his ID bracelet ends in 66. When Nikolas and Liz go to get their bundle of joy to take him home, he’s missing! Steven and Lucky put GH on lockdown! Nikolas, Elizabeth and Lucky all point a finger in Helena’s direction however psycho granny swears she’s innocent. Who has Elizabeth’s baby?

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Michael is at GH too… his first day of community service doesn’t go too well and he winds up in a fight. They send him to GH where Carly comes looking for her son only she gets a little more than she bargained for and way more than Patrick could ever want Carly Corinthos Jacks to know. While looking for Michael, Carly overhears Patrick and Lisa fighting over their tryst while Robin was away. Guess who Patrick gets stuck with during the lockdown? Yep, Carly! She tells him she heard him and Lisa and knows all about his little affair.

Franco may have everyone in route to LA but he’s still got PC on his mind… He sends a video message back to GH. Is he responsible for the missing bambino?

The Bauers are back… well Warren is anyways and he tells Alexis to be ready for the wrongful death lawsuit he is bringing against her. Later, Sonny has some words for Warren and figures out that Kiefer got his abusive ways from his father. Remember that storyline that was obviously dropped and is now getting picked back up? A little late if you ask me. Warren’s also at GH the day of the lockdown where he’ll see Kristina who just happens to be in need of some medical attention. She sprained her ankle. Earlier, we’ll see Krissy and Sonny connecting over her reaction to study buddy Taylor. Back to Warren Bauer though who takes this opportunity to let Kristina have it over his dead son and he wants to see her medical records.

Sonny wants to help Michael too… he feels his making progress with Kristina means he can help his son, Judges orders be damned, Michael needs him. He wants to know what had Michael throwing punches at community service. He better be quick with that help as Michael goes after Warren. The two get broken up, but Warren has a gun and is out of his mind as he goes on a “rampage” through General Hospital. People are injured. Will someone die?

CRAZY and RANDOM… Brooke kisses Johnny. Jax and Skye leave town in search of cash money. Shirley wants to see Liz. We’ll she die before she can make it there? Patrick wants to tell Robin the truth. Claire wants a baby and thinks Sonny should give her one. Maxie warns Robin that Lisa is no good. Spinelli and Maxie are dunzo. Does Johnny have evidence against Sonny? Jason gets a message from Franco. Jason and Sam hit the sheets. Can Dante keep Jason a free man? Lisa has lost her marbles. The Contessa controls Alcazar’s money.