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The Curious Case of Dr. Lisa Niles


A lot has been made about General Hospital head writer Bob Guza's intention to create angst between the proclaimed 'super couple' affectionately referred to as Scrubs. Originally, it looked like there was going to be a quad involving Dr. Steve Webber (Scott Reeves) flirting with Dr. Robin Scorpio (Kimberly McCullough) while Dr. Patrick Drake (Jason Thompson) relives the glory days of college with his old flame, Dr. Lisa Niles (Brianna Brown).

That would have been the traditional soap route, but that is not what we are seeing on our screen. Steve lost interest in Robin, when Lisa showed him the least bit of affection, and he has since been the boy toy of the week for the blonde bombshells of Port Charles. It's really not what we expected when Reeves took the role, but it is true to the character of Steven Lars (Yes, I am referring to the Shaun Benson version where he was used by the likes of Carly Corinthos (then Tamara Braun) and John Durant (Corbin Bernsen). But that's not even the biggest head-scratcher in this romantic entanglement. That would go to Lisa.

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The character of Lisa was introduced as portrayed by Julie Mond, but quickly recast with Brown. The two actresses portrayed different emotions and motivations. Mond's Lisa seemed to focus more on bringing up the good times in college in order to make Patrick see how good they were together, while Brown's Lisa brings up the good times in order to show that she's still got it goin' on, with the subtle undertone of "You wish you still had this". The undertones are caught, as Patrick started to become jealous of Lisa's brief relationship with Steve, to a point where it begins to create a rift in Robin and Patrick's marriage. So when Robin decides to high-tail it out of town to help people in Africa, Patrick is given the choice to remain faithful to his wife who is fulfilling her dream that was inspired by her late teenage boyfriend, Stone, or live his life the way he sees fit, with the consequences be damned. Clearly, someone didn't take their vows seriously enough.

Patrick is the one that pursued Lisa. Let me just make that clear. He's the one who pushed for drinks after Patrick's successful surgery. He's the one who offered to walk her home. He's the one who kissed her after she said that he should probably go. He's the one that slept with her; an event that Lisa clearly does not think is a big deal, which is why Lisa is an interloper of a different breed.

We're not seeing Lisa twirl her 'mustache' as the villain. We're not seeing her go to extreme measures to recapture Patrick's attention. The reason that fans haven't been as supportive of the character is that she is a direct threat to their precious Scrubs, and that's a shame because Guza has penned a three-dimensional doctor (Imagine that?), played by a wonderfully talented actress, and whose only crime is being "the other woman."