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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Carly is not happy with Skye's interruption and she gives Jax an ultimatum, but Skye continues to butt in.  Michael arrives and sits with Carly. They have a very grown up conversation about why Carly works better with Jax than with Sonny.  With Michael's help, Carly approaches Jax again, and accepts an invitation for a family gathering.  Skye reluctantly pats herself on the back.

Sonny gets brought in to the PCPD for questioning.  For some odd reason, Claire decides to tip her hand and tell Sonny that Lucky is on his way down to find the explosives expert.  Sonny continues to flirt, but when he leaves the PCPD, he talks to Max, who assures him that there will be no fall out on Sonny for the explosion.  Claire shows up at Sonny's to yell at him. He grabs her and mauls her face.  She fights him off and storms off.

Sam pulls a gun on Franco, but instead of pulling the trigger, she lets him get away.  Seems if she kills him, Jason goes back to Pentonville and Miss Thang wants her booty time more than she wants a serial killer caught.  Let's hope his next victim isn't Kristina.

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The gang at Jake's is listening to Franco's man sing.  Dante and Jason realize that it was likely a diversion.  Jason gets home and finds Sam upset that she didn't take out Franco as she should have. She admits that the next person that Franco hurts is on her.  Then they have a lovely evening together, because it's not like they have other more pressing  things to do.

Kristina comes home and dumps Taylor as a study partner, then explains to Alexis what happened.  Alexis reassures K that things will eventually get back to normal and Kristina apologizes for her behaviour, then calls Taylor back to continue as his partner.

Ethan asks Maya why she's so cold, and she explains that her previous boyfriend was a thrill junkie and she lost him.  Matt and Maxie discuss why Spinelli isn't enough for her anymore.  Matt tells her he could easily fall for her.  Brook sings a song, while basically eye lusting over Johnny. 

Nikolas tells Helena that she's banned from Windemere, than drives Liz and the boys home.  He asks if they will come over for a play date with Spencer, and Liz agrees.  After Nik leaves, Liz starts to feel bad.

Franco meets with the singer for more instructions. The biggest problem I have with the Franco story is how he's supposed to somehow anticipate what everyone will do and be two steps ahead of them.  How is that logical?