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DC EXCLUSIVE: Eden Riegel and Elizabeth Hendrickson Dish Going From Kissing on AMC to Clawing on Y&R and Doing ACME Comedy Theatre Back-to-Back!

They don't grow them any cuter or multi-talented than Eden Riegel and Elizabeth Hendrickson. We first fell in love with the duo when they were getting all sapphic and sweaty on All My Children as Bianca and her twin loves Frankie and Maggie (that is when Mainstream America wasn't looking!), then they made our sides almost split clean open from inappropriate laughter on the best web series ever, Imaginary Bitches. Now the real life friends with the benefit of combustible chemistry are squaring off as very hetero rivals Heather and Chloe on daytime's number one sudser, The Young and the Restless.


As if all those shared IMDB credits aren't enough, Riegel and Hendrickson will be appearing back-to-back this weekend at the hottest spot for sketch comedy and improv in Los Angeles, ACME Comedy Theatre (135 N. La Brea Ave

Hollywood, CA 90036). Tonight at 9 pm PST, the Riegel-icious one returns to ACME in Unscripted Dream Role. Then tomorrow night at 7 pm. PST, Hendrickson will host ACME Saturday Night. (Watch the shows streaming live here!)

I recently caught up with the two crazy, sexy, silly sirens to dish their ACME gigs. I also wanted to find out if they ever get sick of working with each other, the probability of them letting me produce an update of Laverne and Shirley starring them and, most importantly, who gets first dibs at getting to yell out the name "Ronan Malloy" (Jeff Branson) in the throes of unbridled passion in a suite at the Genoa City Athletic Club.

Daytime Confidential: I tell you what, you two just can't seem to do anything by yourselves! First you played star-crossed lesbian lovers on All My Children. Then you portrayed besties who talk to imaginary people (Well, at least one of you did!) on my fav-or-ite web series ever, Imaginary Bitches. To follow that up, you recently reunited on The Young and the Restless to scratch each others' eyes out over the same man. And NOW (takes breath), you're doing ACME back-to-back. Do either of you ever get sick of the other one? We certainly don't get sick of seeing you together!

Eden Riegel: That's really what we're going for. We like each other way too much, and we figure eventually we'll hit that saturation point. So far though, it hasn't been working so great. I still like the little whippersnapper, gosh darnit!

Elizabeth Hendrickson: Well, there aren't a lot of jobs available for actors these days soooo....

DC: Ha! Lizzie, your girl, Eden hosted ACME Saturday Night awhile back and now you're doing it this Saturday, July 17. Did Eden give you any pointers?

EH: Now that you mentioned it, no! I'll be calling her first thing tomorrow because im getting nervous!

DC: Ms. Riegel aka Mrs. Andrew "Da Shiz" Miller, you are back at ACME in Unscripted Hollywood Dream Role this Friday night. I know you have been participating as part of a sketch comedy/improv troupe, but are you at all nervous about your upcoming performance, or are you an old pro at improv by now?

ER: Ugh, just the thought makes my stomach turn. Standing out there with no script to be your safety net has to be the scariest thing I ever do, and it never gets easier. But the gang at ACME is uber talented and I know they'll be there to catch me if I fall. We've done the trust exercises and everything. And I only bonked my head a few times, so we're good.

DC: Lizzie, Eden taped a hilarious You Tube clip as a fairy tale princess, who proved to be a girl after Sarah Palin's heart when she hosted ACME Saturday Night. Will you be doing anything that could possibly go viral?

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EH: Oh no! Unfortunately yes. This is why the Internet bothers me. It will haunt me for the rest of eternity!

DC: Or at least untl Al Gore finally invents something to replace it. As I mentioned, you gals were lovers on AMC. Now Liz, your character on Y&R,  fashionista Chloe wants to put the smack down on legal eagle Heather, played by Eden, for sneaking around Chloe's man Chance (John Driscoll). Was it weird shifting gears from kissing and cuddling to clawing?

EH: Not at all. I enjoyed smacking her around. In fact Eden may seem all sweet and innocent on the outside, but that girl likes to get down and dirty. We always make sure to kiss and make up right after we get ugly, off screen of course.

ER: What's really amazing to me is how easy it is to flip that switch and turn lovey-dovey chemistry into, "I want to kill you!" chemistry. We used to get hot and bothered and now we get nasty in a different way, but it's still that same smoldering temperature. Thank goodness it's just as easy to switch back, so we can go back to besties off screen again when they call cut.

DC: In another weird-yet-wonderful twist of deja soap. Jeff Branson, who played Jonathan, Lizzie's character, Maggie's abusive boyfriend on AMC, is now solving crimes and wetting, er lips, in Genoa City as Ronan Malloy. Have you guys pinky wrestled over who has first dibs on getting to call out the soapiest name for a character ever during a Y&R love scene?

EH: I think i should get dibs, only because Eden's character has gotten way more tail then Chloe has this year. However, I think I'll call out "Heather" instead of "Oh, Ronan" just to spice things up!

ER: We've already had the best on screen lovers in each other, so anything else pales in comparison. He's got a good name, but no one has lips as soft as Lizzie's after all!

DC: You ladies are primarily known for your dramatic work on soaps, but I gotta tell you,  you're both as funny as hell! If I convince DC readers to donate money to help me buy the rights to Laverne & Shirley, will you star in a remake? Please? Pretty please, with an imaginary bitch on top?

ER: Leave the imaginary bitch out of it, and you got yourself a deal! I've got plenty of those already!

EH: Im in!

Don't forget to catch Eden Riegel in Unscripted Hollywood Dream Role tonight at ACME Comedy Theatre in Hollywood. Then on Saturday night, head on back over to ACME to watch Riegel's BFF, Elizabeth Hendrickson host the hottest sketch comedy show in LA, ACME Saturday Night. Not in SoCal? Watch both shows at