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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Liz and the boys show up at Windemere for a play date, but it’s not long before labour pains force Nikolas to take her to the hospital, where he and Steven hover over her. Steven asks if she wants him to call Lucky, but Liz refuses.

Sonny gets brought into the PCPD by Lucky. Claire assumes that he’s there to shove his tongue down her throat again, and methinks the lady doth protest too much. Lucky questions Sonny as to why he knew to show up at that moment to save Kristina, and why Luke warned Ethan away. Sonny ponders the good old days when Lucky was a kid and wonders when Lucky decided to turn against him. Lucky explains that they are on opposites sides of the law now and that will create conflict.

Sam asks Jason what his plans are after Franco is caught and he says he’s going back to Pentonville. She balks at that and tries to convince him to run with her, but he won’t.

Dante’s jumpy and pulls a gun on Michael, but quickly apologizes and then wonders why that didn’t faze Michael. He is also worried about Lulu going to work and being there by herself. He insists on taking her to work.

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Jax gives Skye a bracelet for her help in winning Carly back. Maya notices and compliments the bracelet, but when Jax leaves, she comments on how Skye might still have feelings for her ex.

Maxie asks Jason what her chances are with Spinelli, but Jason’s not really offering advice. Spinelli arrives and Maxie asks him how he would feel if she were to go to New York with Matt. Spinelli tells her to go. Spixie is officially over.

At Crimson, Maxie’s in a foul mood over her break-up. She and Lulu argue and Maxie leaves to talk to Robin, who’s more interested in Liz having her baby.

Spinelli and Jason discuss his broken heart. Carly arrives, asking for advice about whether to take Jax back or not. Spinelli tells her to go for it.

Claire and Lucky discuss Sonny and whether Claire is now smitten with him and unable to do her job. She assures Lucky that she still plans on taking Sonny down, and they place a bet on whether or not she does.

Sonny runs into Jax at the Metrocourt and they have the usual argument in which Sonny blames everything on Jax and refuses to take responsibility for anything. Sonny leaves, but when the boys, Josslyn and Carly arrive, Sonny watches them walk away together. Claire arrives in time to witness Sonny's look of loss.

Dante, Spinelli and Jason brainstorm Franco’s clues and come up empty. Hey, did you know that the house is on route 66 and that Franco sent Maxie 66 flowers and that guy sang “Route 66” at Jakes? No really, that’s what I learned today, eighty-seven times.

Lulu’s alone in the office when Franco pays a visit.