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Jillian's B&B Spoilers!


Brooke/Hope/Oliver: At the press conference, Brooke and everyone in attendance watch the video of her and Oliver having sex at Hope's party. On the tape, Steffy is performing a voice over of the entire thing. Hope doesn't understand what is going on, but after looking at her mother and Oliver's expression, she flees the scene.

Ridge/Steffy: Steffy maintains that she has nothing to do with the tape getting out, but Ridge isn't believing anything his troublemaking daughter has to say. Ridge comes to a decision about Steffy's status at Forrester Creations.

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Hope: A heartbroken Hope looks to Bridget for solace. Stephanie invites Hope to live with her and she accepts. Brooke isn't thrilled about her daughter's new living arrangements.

Ridge: He defends Brooke and sticks by her.

Oliver: He is hellbent on making up with Hope. He serenades her with a song.

Justin: He fills Bill in on what he's done, but is put off by the reception he gets from his boss/friend.

Taylor: She tries to mend Ridge and Steffy's relationship. Unfortunately for the good Dr., it doesn't go well.