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Let's Make a Deal Isn't a Hit With Media Buyers; Soaps Preferred

In an in depth feature concerning the current state of daytime television, The Wrap reveals that according to media buyers, soap operas are still preferred over game shows and even talkers when it comes to advertising products.


Though the alternatives are cheaper and easier for networks to produce, media buyers tell TheWrap that soaps are still one of the most cost-effective buys on broadcast television.

"They are even more efficient than much of daytime cable programming," one ad buyer said. "I would be disappointed if all of the soap operas disappeared."

The article goes on to say, while game shows like Let's Make a Deal, which replaced Guiding Light on the CBS Daytime lineup, are cheaper to produce and in Deal's case has brought in more viewers, they aren't very attractive to ad buyers.

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When CBS took "Guiding Light" off last fall, "Let's Make a Deal" replaced it. "Guiding Light" was averaging 1.7 million viewers in the hour, while two half-hours of "Deal" has averaged about 200,000 viewers more. Clearly, it's cheaper for the network to produce the game show, but that additional 200,000 viewers is not bringing in a ton more money from advertising.

And media buyers aren't enthralled with game shows as replacements.

"If they are replacing a soap opera, a talk show like 'The View' or some other type of genre would be better than a game show," one media buyer told TheWrap.

Hmm, so according to this article, CBS is costing their advertisers more money by killing soaps. Ain't that a blip!