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Source to Variety: "Network Doesn't Need Number of Scripts Under Current WGA Deal"

It seems my exposé on ABC Daytime's alleged union busting tactics against their script writers is making waves in Hollywood. First the legendary Nikki Finke of picked up the story concerning how ABC is seeking a waiver to skirt script writer guarantees— promised in the current Writers Guild of America (WGA) Minimum Basic Agreement (MBA)—in order to cut as many as 20 scripts per year, to be replaced by classic episodes, now industry bible Variety is reporting on the story.


According to Variety, a source close to the situation is saying ABC doesn't need the number of scripts called for under the current WGA deal, which expires next May. Now if that's the case, and pardon me if my thinking cap isn't on quite tight enough, after all, I am a simple lad from Texas, but why doesn't ABC wait to negotiate a lower amount of scripts when it comes time to hash out their next MBA with the Guild? Where I come from, a deal's a deal!

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