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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Robin's putting Liz' ID tag on her and we are clearly shown that the last number on her tag is "66".  Kelly wants to stop the labour, since the baby isn't full term.  Liz and Nik apologize to each other for the horrible way they've been treating each other. Both are ready for the baby to be born, which is about to happen, since Kelly's drugs aren't working.

Claire commends Sonny for his restraint in watching the Jax family go off on their day.  They discuss his hypothetical life as a mob boss and she tells him he should quit.  He informs her that once you're in, you can't get out.  She reminds him that if he really wanted to he could get out, but he loves the power and the money too much.

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Alexis arrives and invites Sonny to the country club, where she's meeting her girls.  Kristina and Molly are uncomfortable with the snobby snobs who are whispering about them.  Once mom and dad show up, they have a nice conversation, until Mr. Bauer shows up and informs them that the trial against Alexis is coming up next week and that Kristina will have to testify.

Spinelli, Jason and Dante continue to try to figure out what the song has to do with what Franco's activities. They figure that he's killing people in each small town on his way to Los Angeles.

Franco flirts with Lulu. When she reaches for her phone, he tells her that he will kill her, make her immortal, for Dante to find.  He then gives her a picture to give to Dante.

Maxie shows up at the PCPD and Lucky invites her to a concert in the park.  She tells him about Elizabeth in the hospital, but he ignores that and they have a nice day together.  At Crimson, they make cute and I can see some serious potential here. She brings up Liz again, and even though he claims he isn't interested, he does show up at the hospital later on.

Lisa is pissed that Patrick is ignoring her, and I see boiled bunnies in his future.  When Scrubs get lovey dovey, Lisa interrupts, saying that she needs him for a consult.

Lulu calls Dante to meet her on the street so she can tell him about her visit with Franco. It's really just a plot point, because at that moment, Ronnie shows up at the penthouse, claiming that Dante no longer needs Jason's help. He finds Jason's gun, arrests him and, before you can say lickety-split, has Jason back in Pentonville.  When Dante returns to the penthouse, Spinelli is beside himself with anger, thinking that Dante is behind Jason's arrest.  Jason is locked up and finds a picture of Franco's monkey on his bunk.