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One Life to Live Spoilers

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Two surprise pregnancies, a departure, and a life hangs in the balance this week on One Life to Live. Get ready for all the juicy spoilers for the week of July 19th.

Langston interrupts Dorian and Charlie’s kiss. Dorian tries to explain what's going on to Langston, but she says she won't judge her, especially after cheating on Markko. Soon after, Dorian walks in on David and Viki in bed. Dorian soon gets the picture and it's confession time for Charlie and Viki. The couple finally admit that they were trying to push David and Dorian together. Realizing their plan has failed, Viki and Charlie think it's time to avoid Dorian and David. They take a trip to the Caribbean to truly give them space. Later on, David and Dorian have a nasty online conversation. David has had enough of Dorian and goes to find her to have a face-to-face confrontation. Will David and Dorian be able to sort out their differences?

Todd/Tea: Todd and Tea let Dani know that they are getting married. She reacts well to the news and even congratulates her parents. Later on, Todd and Tea make sweet love. Tea tells Todd how happy she is that he is by her side. Meanwhile, Dani has a talk with Greg about her fears of Tea's death. How much more time does Tea have?

Rex pays Kelly a visit with Eli still in the room. He tells her about the lead he has on Bennett Thompson in Boston. Rex and Kelly decide to check out the lead. Rex heads to Boston and Eli follows him. Rex orders room service, which Eli slips a little something into, and Rex passes out. Will Eli hurt Rex?


Ford/James: Kelly decides to confront Ford about prom night with Jessica. She informs Ford about Jessica's Hepatitis C and a few other things. Following their conversation, Ford quickly sets up a Hepatitis C test. While at the hospital, Ford visits his brother and they find out that their medical bills have been paid for by a mysterious donor. What will the results of Ford's Hepatitis C test be?

Layla/Cris/Evangeline: Layla and her mother get into an argument that ends with her mother burning Evangeline's living will. The will states that Evangeline does not want to be on life support of any kind. Layla finds out about what her mother did to Evangeline's will and is upset that she has known about the will for so long. The heartbreaking decision whether or not to end Evangeline's life is left in Layla's hands. Layla's mother thinks Layla should take Evangeline off of life support, which shocks Layla. When will Layla decide Evangeline's fate?

Starr tells Cole that she went to see James, but assures him it is the last time. A little later, Starr has to comfort a heartbroken Langston due to Markko's leaving for UCLA. The two girls fill each other in on their lives since graduation. After Langston hears about James, she thinks there is something going on between Starr and James. Starr denies it and insists that she and Cole are working things out. Is Starr being truthful about her feelings for James?

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Jessica/Natalie: Jessica and Natalie are sicker than two dogs after eating David's muffins. After finding out David made the muffins, they accuse him of poisoning them. David denies it but the girls are too sick to argue. When Jessica doesn't get any better, Natalie thinks it's time to go to the hospital. After being examined, separately, at the hospital, Jessica and Natalie find out they are pregnant. (Side Note: Oh help me, Jesus!) When they meet on the way out, Jessica and Natalie lie to one another stating the doctors couldn't find anything wrong with them. Jessica worries that her baby could be Ford or Brody's and Natalie worries that her baby could be John or Brody's.

Jessica tells Kelly that she is pregnant and her theories about who the father could be. Meanwhile, Natalie blabs about her pregnancy, and the rest of her business, to Gigi. Natalie believes her baby's father is Brody, but Gigi doesn't believe it and calms Natalie down. Natalie tries to tell John about her one night stand with Brody, but is interrupted by Jessica and Brody announcing that they’re pregnant. Later on, Natalie tells Gigi that she wants an abortion. What will Natalie decide?

Sneek Peeks at Next Week (July 26th):

  • Eli fools Blair
  • Cole confesses to Starr that he almost slept with Hannah
  • Hannah stares down the barrel of Eli's gun
  • Ford gets his STD test results
  • Starr finds out that Tea is dying
  • Brody has an important question to ask Jessica