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Jillian's DAYS Spoilers!

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Hope: Pill-popping Hope takes it up to the next level by plotting to kill Bo. She tells Dr. Baker to get a few items for her to get the ball rolling. At first he's clueless on what she's doing with them but figures out what her intent is. He attempts to change Hope's mind but she doesn't budge. Even when Baker declares his love for Hope, it doesn't make her re-think her plan to snuff out Bo, although she is touched. He gets Hope a can of gasoline and she heads off to her old home. Hope deactivates both the house and fire alarm and starts to leave when she sees Bo. He's a bit shocked she's at the house. Bo knows something isn't right when he sees his Fancy Face with tons of makeup on and a bit of an edge to her. He grills her on why she's there but Hope lies and says she's getting video games for Ciara. Bo also wants to know why she's dressed differently, Hope covers by saying she's gone undercover on a case. Bo attempts to discuss Hope's recent actions with Carly and Justin but she gets defensive and attempts to leave.

Bo begs her to stay so they can talk, and Hope shocks him by planting a kiss on him and says goodbye! Bo is confused and asks about the kiss given the two are going through a divorce. The Bradys get into another argument and "Pill-popping" Hope starts to lighten up a bit. Bo asks her to stay once more so they can talk once more. The real Hope starts to emerge when Carly calls shattering the progress they've made. "Pill-popping" Hope comes out once more and is determined to kill Bo. Bo heads to the kitchen to make some coffee when Roman calls and Hope uses this moment to drug his drink! When he returns she gets him to down his drink and the real Hope comes out and tells him to stop drinking but she figures out he's downed the drugged drink. Bo and Hope talk about their marriage and wonder where and why it failed. When Hope tries to get Bo to admit he's fully responsible for the derailment of their marriage fails the two get into another heated argument when Bo passes out. Hope starts to douse the place with gas and says goodbye to him.

She starts to light a match when Daniel knocks on the door. She hides out while Daniel starts to resuscitate Bo and Roman arrives with the EMTs. An anonymous caller contacted Roman to head over to Bo's. Hope figures out it was Dr. Baker and sets out to find him. She lights into him for what he did, but he keeps maintaining he did everything out of his love for her. Hope's touched but is still determined to take Bo out and feels Baker was disloyal to her. "Pill-popping" Hope is scared Bo will make it and name her for trying to kill him. She heads to the hospital to finish what she started, but isn't able to get the chance once Bo wakes up and Carly comes into the room. She heads home thinking she will go to jail.

Victor/Maggie: Mrs. Horton implores Victor to make things right.

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Caroline/Sami: Ma' Brady shocks Sami by saying she should marry EJ.

Rafe/Sami: Sami informs Rafe she's staying at the DiMera's for good. He is not happy about her announcement and wishes her well. Rafe is still not giving up on his quest to find out who was the mastermind behind Sydney's kidnapping. He gets a huge break in the case while eavesdropping on EJ and Nicole's conversation. Rafe realizes Nicole has some dirt on EJ and is hellbent to find out what it is. Rafe goes to the DiMera mansion and tells Sami about EJ and Nicole's conversation and tells her the two have a secret pact. Sami blows him off, telling him he's being jealous. Later, Rafe breaks into Nicole's place and discovers her diary but its in code.

Stephanie: She finds out Nathan still has photos of Melanie.

Theo: He tells Bo and Abe where he got the wallets from.

Brady: He extends his financial help to Nicole.

Carly: Dr. Manning spots Bo and Hope together.