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Jillian's Y&R Spoilers

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Victor/Nikki: The Black Knight pops the question, Nikki doesn't respond as viewers think she would. Before she can give an answer, Meggie interrupts after eavesdropping on the steps. The interruption is a bit of a reprieve for Nikki and she tells Victor she needs more time to think and leaves. Meanwhile, Victor uses the time to set Meggie straight and let her know he's thankful for the help she gave him but nothing more and its all about Nikki. Afterwards Victor has the driver take Meggie on a shopping spree at Fenmore's! (HUH?!) Nikki heads to Katherine's and fills her in on what took place between she and Victor. Nikki tells Kay she feels as though Victor popped the question because of Meggie's arrival and the info she gave on making a pass on him.

Nikki also doesn't want to jump back into the cycle between she and Victor, she still remembers how he treated her when Sabrina died and is always the one who feels the brunt of Victor's temper. Katherine shocks her best friend by telling her, DON'T marry Victor! A shocked Nikki questions Katherine on why she feels that way, Kay tells her she knows fully well she loves Victor and vice versa but doesn't feel she should make their love official with a wedding. Katherine says when they aren't married, Nikki's in the drivers seat with Victor and she still has her independence. Nikki agrees and heads off to the ranch to give Victor her answer but is blindsided by what he has planned. Victor rides in on a new foal and has the barn surrounded with roses and gives Nikki a moving speech on not being able to live without her. Nikki gets caught up in the moment and agrees to marry Victor.

Tucker/Ashley: They slam Victor with accusations of bribery. Meanwhile a new employee of Tucker's heads to town named Sofia. She and Malcolm are connected.

Cricket: After arriving in town she's overwhelmed by all the memories she has especially with Paul. She heads to Katherine's and the two catch up. Katherine asks her if she's ok with Nina dating Paul. Cricket claims she is but Katherine tells her she's lying. After Kay and Cricket have a good talk, she leaves. Nina arrives and fills Katherine in on Cricket. The women have a good talk about her relationship with Paul and tells Nina not to fear anything since Cricket is back. Viewers will see why Cricket is in town when she makes a call telling someone they are in danger. She is also trying to change a wrong that was created while hiding the truth.

Phyllis: She tells Daniel to watch his back with Abby.

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Chance: A secret of his is reveleaed. Chloe still supports him.

Jill/Lauren: The newest Fenmore is armed with a secret that gives her leverage in receiving her share of the Fenmore coffers. Lauren is blindsided by Jill's latest move who lets her know her suit is in the bag.

Abby: The naked heiress is still hellbent on creating her reality show. She breaks down and asks Jack for the money to help her. Jack green lights her project but strings are attactched to it. Meanwhile, Abby realizes how much influence she weilds and decides to pull yet another stunt. Abby still riles the good citizens of Genoa City up.

Deacon: He's back in town. Watch for him to mix it up with Phyllis.

Mac/Victoria: The women have a showdown when Mac starts to act as surrogate mother to Reed as a means to get over her post pardum depression. Victoria is not happy by this or finding out Mac and JT are living together.

Adam: His taste of freedom is on the line. Adam crosses the line once again by using Patty to beat the charges.