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Three Things to be Young and Restless About Right Now!


We soap lovers can be as scathing as the most hardcore sports fan when it seems our favorite daytime players are asleep on the bench or the writing team is making bad plays. Though I find myself cursing at my TV for some of the recent shenanigans on The Young and the Restless, it’s a reason why I still tune in, and the good must be acknowledged. Giving props where they are due, I want to speak on three things that I’m loving right now about Y&R.

Curiously Quirky Couplings

The Maria Arena Bell regime has been accused of impotence where creating original romantic pairings is concerned. As of late, I must admit that I’m surprised and interested in several of the newest twosomes. First, there’s Villy (Billy Miller and Amelia Heinle), the Romeo and Juliet of Genoa City. Victoria has definitely let her hair down (as evidenced by her chronic bedhead, methinks because Billy’s tapping that spine!) and showing that her robo-pack does come equipped with a funny bone and smile mechanism. Love is bringing about a change in these two. Billy’s midas touch has emboldened Victoria to stand up to her overbearing father, while the former playboy has been unusually tame, his pillow talk peppered with declarations of love and babies. Daniel (Michael Graziadei) and Abby’s (Mary Rylan) hookup is drawing me in. The shiftless artist is now Abby’s Jiminy Cricket as the voice of reason to parallel her bratty heiress antics. I’m hoping for a moment of truth breakdown where she admits to Daniel how much her father and sister’s deaths and her parents’ tumultuous relationship hurt her; maybe then she’ll drop the Paris Hilton foolishness and channel that spunk into becoming a kick-ass businesswoman. Other honorable mentions include Tucker (Stephen Nichols) and Ashley (Eileen Davidson) and the budding friendship between Kevin (Greg Rikaart) and Chloe (Elizabeth Hendrickson).

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Corporate Intrigue

Y&R is legendary for its complex business storylines, and I’m so glad it’s returning to its roots. Receiving a new heart had no lasting effects on Victor (Eric Braeden), who is back to corporate piracy. Tucker and Ash have discovered that he’s bribing a Japanese government official with cash and fancy-schmancy baubles in classic TGVN fashion. It looks like they will use this knowledge to acquire Beauty of Nature from Newman Enterprises. With Jack (Peter Bergman) making a play for the CEO seat for the fifty-leventh time and Abby wielding a large percentage of controlling stock in NE, Victor better double up on his triglyceride! Fenmore’s is back on the map as a conglomerate and not just a panty shop (a la Jamey), as Jill (Jess Walton) and Lauren (Tracey Bregman) duke it out for control of their father’s fashion empire.

Vivacious Vixens with Vertebrae

The women of Y&R are getting some moxy, and it’s about damn time, too! Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) finally came out of that sex and pizza fueled lunacy and dropped fickle Nick (Joshua Morrow), and she’s even looking to get back in the saddle at Jabot. If they’d only pair her with her true boo, Jack. After losing Faith, many predicted Ashley would go bat crazy, but she has shown an admirable resilience. At the helm of Jabot and in a light, sexy romance with Tucker, Ash is reclaiming her inner diva. If the Keystone Cops have any sense, they’d hold on to Skye Newman (Laura Stone) – she is fiyah! She knows all about Adam’s (Michael Muhney) puckered little black heart and Sharon's (Sharon Case) obsession, but she is determined to get her's regardless. Skye is the only Genoa City denizen who has Adam’s number, and she’s playing it like a hand of poker. Having strong armed him into marriage, I can’t wait to see how she uses to Newman name to her advantage. Last but not least, that Sofia (Julia Pace Mitchell) is something else! The new lady on the canvas is full-figured and full of personality to boot. You gotta respect how she stepped to grand dame Kay (Jeanne Cooper) with her vision for a fresh advertisement campaign and read Neil on her first day in town. Her smarts and sass can really take Chancellor Industries somewhere and salvage the sinking ship that is Malcolm’s (Darius McCrary) character.