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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Lucky, Nik and Liz continue to blame Helena for Aiden's kidnapping. When Lucky leaves, Helena continues to defend herself and Nikolas believes her and sends her away.


Michael hears Kristina calling for help and runs into the room and starts fighting with Warren. Kristina calls out for help again and Lucky, Ethan and Maya come running and pull Michael off of Bauer. Warren demands Michael's arrest, but Lucky protects Michael, saying that no one saw the events happen as Warren says they did. Warren is seriously angry when he storms off.

Mac questions Liz and promises to find the baby. Shirley comes to Liz and gives her an important piece of jewelry. When Liz checks on Shirley later on, Shirley has passed on. Liz clearly is having a bad day. First her baby is gone, and then her surrogate mother.

Dante and Jason find Franco's workshop with a video that Franco made of his meeting with Carter and Carter's intentions towards Michael. Jason gets angry and destroys the evidence and then turns on Dante. Dante calms him down and reminds him that this is exactly what Franco wants, a freaked out Jason, making mistakes. The two head over to Franco's exhibit.

Johnny stops Brooke's kiss and tells her he's still in love with Olivia but that he's flattered by her attention. Brooke doesn't understand the attraction to an older woman that he has nothing in common with.

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Carly tells Patrick that she will keep his secret and not tell Robin about the one night stand. As someone who is mostly spoiler free, I found it very soapy that Carly overheard the truth and I really wished she and Robin were better friends, because I'd love to see Carly stand behind Robin in this and tear a strip off of Lisa.

Lisa tells Robin about how Patrick cheated on her when they were dating. Robin calls Lisa out on her insinuations that something happened between Lisa and Patrick.

Nik and Lucky find Aiden's empty crib in an OR room and suddenly Franco appears on a television screen in front of them. At the same time Dante and Jason are seeing the images at the exhibit.

An angry Warren comes back to the hospital with a gun, shoots at Mac, Maya and Ethan before turning the gun onto Kristina and Michael.

What annoys me the most is that every minutia of the Franco story is seen, from the weird stuff between him and the curator, to the movers moving the exhibit pieces, to the guests arriving to watch the exhibit, yet, something very soapy, like an angry man shooting several of our PC finest is such a quick scene that I actually wondered if it had happened, or if it was someone's dream. I guess I'll find out tomorrow.