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Wishful Casting: Lindsay Hartley as OLTL's Kim!

I don't know what they are smoking over there at Days of Our Lives, to be getting rid of the amazing Lindsay Hartley, but if the brass at One Life to Live were smart, they would snap the lovely lass up to recreate the role of Clint's (Jerry VerDorn) former squeeze, Kim Andrews!


While Amanda Setton, who originated the part, was a find, we hear she got the big head real fast, strutting around on set like her poop smelled of petunias.With a fierce, little beauty like Hartley in the role, I predict it wouldn't take long for people to start going "Who was that first girl who played Kim, anyway?" Plus, OLTL would really benefit from Hartley's diehard fans from Passions and now DAYS. If they need to make room, just ask me who to cut, I can think of a good six "thesps" right off the bat!

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