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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Pull up a chair; this is going to be a long one!! I loved everything hospital related and hated everything Franco related. Every time they would switch over to Franco, I was screaming at my television to go back to General Hospital.

They replay the shooting scene and this time, we clearly see that both Mac and Ethan are shot. Warren levels the gun on the kids, and we hear a gunshot, but it’s actually Bauer that got shot, in the back, by none other than Mac Freakin’ Scorpio before he passes out.

Before Warren dies, he blames everything on a terrified Kristina.

Matt comes running up and instantly tears open Mac’s shirt to assess damage and start CPR. And, call me crazy, but that was one of the sexiest things I’ve seen in a long time.

Steven and Olivia show up and start working on Ethan and try to get Maya’s help, but she’s cowering behind the desk. It also looked like she’s been shot in the shoulder because there seemed to be a wet/bloody spot there, but later on it was no longer there. Steven sends Michael down to the ER for back up and supplies.

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Carly and Patrick hear the shots and after some back and forth about the safety issue, they head out and find the carnage in the hall. Carly takes charge of Kristina and Michael, hauling them out of the mess and into an empty room, telling Kristina that she isn’t responsible for what’s happened, but Krissy continues to blame herself, especially if something happens to Ethan.

Lucky and Nikolas and Maxie watch the video footage of Franco, who claims he’s got Aiden. Maxie goes into Shirley’s room, to find that she has passed. She and Liz make conversation about Shirley and Maxie tells Liz that Franco has the baby.

Lucky, Nikolas and Liz search the hospital for the baby and Liz stumbles upon a couple with a newborn in one of the rooms, apologizes for disturbing them and leaves. I’m putting money on the possibility of that being Aiden and the “parents” being actors hired by Franco.

Maxie, Lisa and Robin stumble upon the shooting and start helping. Mac is taken to the OR, to be operated on by Matt and Patrick. Ethan’s taken to a different one with Lisa and Steven. Maxie begs Matt to save Mac. Robin begs Patrick to help him. Maxie and Robin sit together waiting.

The Franco stuff becomes tedious. You have thousands of people at this art exhibit and not one local police officer among the bunch to catch the serial killer on the loose? Franco plays cat and mouse with Jason, threatens to kill a girl and kills his camera man. Jason chases him around, shooting at him.

For some stupid reason, Lulu shows up (I mean seriously. What the heck?) Concerned that Jason will take Dante out once Franco is out of the picture and I wonder why they didn’t keep her in Port Charles, so she could be seen supporting her friend Maxie in her time of need.

Lucky calls Dante and tells him Franco has taken Aiden and knows where he is and not to let Jason take him out until they know where the baby is.

The episode ends with Franco yelling at Jason not to shoot him because he knows where the baby is. Then Franco falls off the side of the building (Was it Franco? Who knows) and appears to be dead (Is he dead? Who knows)?