Jillian's B&B Spoilers!

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Hope: She asks Oliver to re-enact with her the night he slept with Brooke, with mask and all to understand what really took place.

Bridget: She becomes devastated when she finds out Nick and Agnes are sleeping together.

Taylor: She thinks Hope may have a nervous breakdown.

Brooke: She starts to wonder if Stephanie is crying wolf after the tumble she takes. Later she fears her indiscretion with Oliver may harm Hope.

Ridge: He puts Stephanie in her place when she says she was assaulted by Brooke. Ridge stuns her (and me) by putting his foot down and letting Stephanie know he won't tolerate the treatment she dishes out on Brooke.

He begs Hope give him another chance.

She uses her charms on Liam and Ed when they inform her they aren't able to find info to prove her innocence. The boys keep digging for evidence to clear Steffy.