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Jillian's DAYS Spoilers!

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Bo/Hope: Normal Hope finds out what occurred with Bo and heads to the hospital, still unaware of what her pill-popping version has done. The two share a close moment which is seen by Carly. Meanwhile, Bo begs Carly to discharge him from the hospital so he can head home and figure out what happened. Carly encourages Bo to undergo hypnosis to uncover the truth and wants Hope to be in the room. While under hypnosis, Bo starts to remember things but can't put the pieces of the puzzle together. Hope steps in and stops the process saying it is too much for Bo to undertake after the ordeal he's been through. Later, Carly goes to see Hope and wants her help to get Bo to pace himself and not rush into anything strenuous.

Vivian arrives on the scene and blames Carly for Bo's near death experience, but both Viv and Carly are shocked when Hope defends Dr. Manning. A stunned Vivian departs and Hope and Carly have a close moment with her asking Hope how she's holding up after Bo's accident. Bo goes to the cop shop and bumps into the Carver boys, Abe and Theo. Theo starts to talk about Ciara's "treasures" and fills Bo in on them being wallets she found from Hope. Bo starts to figure out things that weren't adding up before with the robbery case. Ciara tells her dad where she discovered the wallets and finally realizes Hope isn't herself. Bo decides to have a chat with Fancy Face based on the evidence he's compiled.

Melanie: She calls Carly mom.

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Carly: She gets a DNA sample from Daniel.

EJ/Sami: While talking to Sami, EJ brings up getting married once again. Sami is stunned by his idea. Even though Sami has feelings for EJ she still loves Rafe also. Sami doesn't want to go down the same road the women in her family have with being caught between two men. She admits to EJ she still loves Raf and wants to make the right choice without hurting people. Sami goes to Grandma Caroline for some help but ends up with the shock of her life. Caroline tells her to say yes to EJ's proposal! Caroline figures if she tells Sami the opposite of what she should really do, Sami will make the right decision. Later she bumps into Rafe and the two share a nice moment until she brings up EJ. Rafe gets a bit pissed off and takes a phone call completely unaware of EJ's proposal. An irate Sami heads off and runs into EJ fishing at the pier. The fishing gesture by EJ is to show Sami he can be part of her world and pops the question once again.

Caroline: She gets Ciaria to open up.

Brady/Nicole: The two get a bit freaky sneaky. Later, he is furious when he finds out Nicole lied to him.

Nicole: Nicole decides to blackmail EJ for $5 million. He agrees to her demands. She also wants to use EJ's henchman Marco. EJ wants to know why but Nicole keeps mum on his services. EJ informs Marco to listen to Nicole's request. Nicole decides to use this to scare Dr. Baker to keep him in line. Later, Nicole decides to relocate the evidence she has on EJ to another place for safekeeping. Meanwhile, Rafe figures out her coded diary and heads to the location she has in her diary. When he shows up, the place is vacant. Rafe still doesn't give up and decides to find Nicole's mom Fay to figure out what is going on.