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Jillian's Y&R Spoilers!

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Lauren: She tries to do right by Jill.

Jill: She digs into her bag of dirty tricks but Lauren proves she still has her hellcat streak left in her.

Chance/Ronan: Det. Chancellor promises to resolve things with Chloe and bust the people who've set him up. Later, he and Ronan get into a fight Cricket breaks up.

Chloe: The fashionista has a dream where she is Cinderella. Chloe has all the money and power she can have, but is still out of reach of her Prince Charming. Chloe's next move is for revenge.

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Mac: Her PPD gets worse, causing her to take it out on someone.

Neil/Sophia: Sophia tells Neil to have faith in her. Meanwhile, Neil wants Sophia to stay clear of his family.

Adam: He goes to the mat in order to put the breaks on Patty's tales of innocence.

Abby: The naked heiress gets help from a surprising source. Abby puts a plan into motion to prove to Ashley she's serious about her reality show by kicking her out of the house!

Phyllis: She has car trouble and gets some help from Deacon.

Skye: She gets a glimpse as to how diabolical Adam is.

Rumor: The ghost of John Abbott returns.