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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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They replay us the final scene from Friday, with Franco falling off the building and declared dead. However, since we never saw the face of the man on the ground, or had anyone check his vitals, I'm betting Franco isn't actually dead; which begs the question, what was the point of him falling off the building?

Diane pays Sonny a visit regarding Michael's community service and the discussion gets around to Claire. Sonny had Max buy a laptop and Diane assumes that's who it's for. 

Matt and Patrick continue operating on Mac, while Robin and Maxie wait impatiently.  The two reminisce about their days with Mac and the regrets they have.  Lisa shows up to brag that her surgery went swimmingly and Maxie gives me one of many lines of the day:

Lisa: "I can go in there and give them a hand."

Maxie: "Keep your manipulative home-wrecking self away from my family"

When Lisa leaves, Robin questions whether there's anything she needs to know. Maxie assures her that she doesn't know, but that she has used Lisa's tactics before and is well aware of what Lisa is doing.

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Liz, Nik and Lucky witness Franco's fall on the television at the hospital and they panic that Aiden will never be found. Lucky realizes, though, that Franco had to have had an accomplice. Liz checks the hospital records for anyone who was a recent hire and they find a neo-natal nurse by the name of Jane Morgan, which is too close to Jason's name for them to ignore.  When Lucky has the nurse paged, there is no answer and Liz gets more and more worried.

Diane and Max run into Claire and explain to her about how her relationship with Sonny is happening exactly like all the other relationships have and warn her not to fall for it.  Diane gives me the funny line of the day:

Diane to Claire:  "Whatever you do, please use birth control."

Carly calls Sonny to tell him what happened at the hospital.  Sonny, in turn, calls Alexis to come over and he tells her the news.  She blames herself for all the bad things that have happened to her girls.  Claire shows up just as Sonny is comforting a crying Alexis.

Maya apologizes to Steven for freezing up during the crisis, but he tells her they will discuss it another time and for her to keep track of Ethan's vitals.  Ethan wakes up and Maya tells him what happened, explaining that the situation was similar when her boyfriend died.

Steven runs into Olivia and thanks her for helping him save Ethan's life.  They make cute and she asks him out for a drink. I think they make a cute couple.

Kristina tells Carly  the whole story and both wonder why Michael is so calm in the face of a crisis.

Maxie hauls Matt into a supply closet to show her gratitude that Mac will be okay.  Lisa taunts Patrick about their affair, telling him he should tell Robin about their relationship.  Robin sits with Mac and tells him how much he means to her and how much she loves him.

Jason is arrested by the LAPD (how nice of them to show up), but Dante convinces them to turn Jason over to him, which they do.  Jason promptly pulls a gun on Dante, demanding to know why he shouldn't shoot.  Dante talks a good game, trying to convince Jason that killing him will only cause more problems for Michael.