CBS Names "View-Like" Chat Show, The Talk

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It's official. CBS names it's "View-like" chat fest,

The Talk


is reporting the name revealing took place at the Television Critics Association today. The Tiffany network's entertainment president

Nina Tassler

stated she was behind the show getting the green light  and the show's co-host/executive producer

Sara Gilbert


Julie Chen

to be on the panel (cue laugh track). According to Tassler,

 "I made the decision," Tassler said. "I don’t think Les is unhappy with it,... but show screened great and tested the best of all the pilots." Tassler went further after the Q&A session. "The elephant in the room is that Julie is on the show, but she happens to be terrific on the show," Tassler said. "She shouldn't be penalized for being married to the CEO."

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