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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations



Yesterday ended with Jason pointing a gun at Dante's head, but no follow up today.  Weird.

Jax and Skye are in Spain, trying to get Lorenzo's money from his beautiful accountant.  Jax works the woman, while Skye breaks into computer records.  Skye gets caught by security, but plays on the guy's emotions and he lets her get away with it.  In the end, she gets her money, so I guess Robin Christopher is on her way out of town.  I like RC, but this story made no sense.

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Lisa continues to harass Patrick about their "relationship", declaring that they had one from the minute she walked into town. Robin walks up and goes off on Lisa, essentially declaring her a homewrecker, stating that she will believe only the best of Patrick.  Later, Scrubs share a hug, but Lisa looks on.

Claire apologizes for interrupting Sonny and Alexis, but they assure her that nothing is going on. Alexis explains what happened with Bauer and Kristina, taking the blame once again.  When Alexis leaves, Sonny flirts with Claire, who tells him that she wants one thing from him, his sperm to make a baby.  I wonder if Claire was dropped on her head once too often as a child, because, really?  Sonny tells her he isn't planning on handing out his sperm anymore, but he's willing to bed her.  Claire isn't interested and leaves.  Here's hoping she runs into Lucky somewhere and offers him the same deal, since that would be much better.

Steve tells Nik and Liz about the shooting and there's still no sign of the missing nurse or baby.  Nikolas assures Liz that they will find the baby. Then for some strange reason, Liz is back in a hospital gown, asking Nik to wake her up if they find the baby and I wonder if I missed something here.  Why is Liz back in as a patient?  And if my newborn infant was missing, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be able to fall asleep just like that, no matter how exhausted I was.  That's not a slag on Liz, but on the odd writing here.

Maxie and Matt have sex in the supply closet... I think.  They kiss and then the scene cuts to something else. Then when we see Maxie again, she's fretting in the hall. When Michael asks her what's wrong, she goes off – in typical Maxie runaround fashion – about sex. She finally spills the beans that she and Matt did the deed and, although Michael is uncomfortable with all the sex talk, he gives her a pep talk and she goes off to see Mac.

While Maxie is sitting at his bedside, Mac wakes up and speaks, which is physically impossible when you have a tube down your throat, but this show doesn't really care about the small stuff.  Matt comes in and Maxie assures him that now that she knows what a wonderful human being he is, she will properly thank him for saving Mac's life.

Kristina, Carly and Michael stop by Ethan's room and K asks to stay with Ethan.  Carly and Michael go back to their original room. Apparently Michael is wearing his Dr. Phil jacket, because after counseling Maxie, he counsels his mother about making up with Jax.