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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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It's the morning after.  The hospital is still on lockdown, as Aiden still hasn't been found.

Patrick and Robin share some cute time together as they discuss Mac and his recovery.  When Robin leaves, Lisa starts flirting with Patrick and he brushes her off.  Later on, Patrick gets paged to a room and finds Lisa, half naked, waiting for him.  He tells her to bugger off and she angrily tells him that he can't use her and then throw her away.

Carly witnesses one of Michael's nightmares, but he refuses to discuss it with her.  She tells him about her time at Ferncliffe and how she survived.  Kristina comes in and discusses her nightmares with Michael. Suddenly, Michael has become the go-to guy for heavy discussions.

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Lucky tells Niz that the baby still hasn't been found (Blooper of the day:  JJ calls him Hayden instead of Aiden).  Everyone wonders why Jason killed Franco before getting the baby's whereabouts.  Nikolas decides he'll offer a 5 million dollar reward but Lucky tells him not to, since it will bring out all of the crazies.  Steven suggests lifting the lockdown, but Liz begs him not to.  Lucky suggest allowing staff to enter, but having security measures to monitor them. 

Dante and Jason arrive at the penthouse to an ecstatic Sam.  Dante says he'll be back later in the day to bring Jason back to Pentonville and leaves them alone.  Spinelli informs JaSam that he has found a way to remove the ankle monitor without detection and has found several places that they can run to.  Sam is thrilled with Spin's work. I wonder why Spin can't use his cyberskills for good, like checking hospital monitors for escaping babies. 

Dante heads home to Lulu, but they are interrupted by Ronnie, who wonders why Jason isn't already back in Pentonville. He brings up the whole issue about Dante's loyatlies to Sonny.  Shut it Ronnie.

Brook and Mike are making small talk while she pays for her order.  Johnny arrives, but Mike refuses to serve him.  Brook offers him part of her breakfast and asks why he's so against Sonny. Johnny tells her the whole story and, though she's friends with Sonny, she doesn't begrudge Johnny his vendetta.  I say she's just trying to get into his pants (Not that there's anything wrong with that!)

Dante comes across Brook and Johnny. He is not happy to see his mother's ex with his young friend and makes his displeasure known.  And for the first time, I want to say "Dante, honey, shut it.  Just this once."

Liz accuses Steven of mismanaging his staff, who allowed someone to take her baby.  Lucky finds Aiden's ankle monitor and realizes the lockdown was for nothing, since the baby was likely taken out long before the lockdown happened. 

Jason decides he won't run, that he made a choice and will follow through.  This sets Sam off.  She refuses to go along with the plan, since she's worried that he'll be forced to kill someone to defend himself and the five-year sentence will turn into life.  Not once does she think about her family, until Jason points out that she'd be leaving them behind at which point she's all "yeah I'll miss them," but would rather spend her life on the run with Jason.  I was going to make a comment here about Sam, but well, my mother always told me if I don't have anything nice to say, I shouldn't say anything at all.