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Was Maria Arena Bell Going To Bring Victoria Rowell Back To Y&R?


Victoria Rowell

had the


world on fire this afternoon with behind-the-scenes drama from

The Young and the Restless

. According to the actress, who vacated the wildly popular role of Drucilla Winters three years ago, a liason from

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has been in contact with Rowell recently to discuss bringing her back to the sudser. Read Rowell's tweets after the jump.

So, for the past 3 days there's been an appointed liaison between Maria Bell and myself, contacting me via text, at my Atlanta home, &in LA.

I found it odd first of all, that I was being approached as a respected & tenured actor, with theatrical representation in this way.

I was insulted to learn that Maria Arena Bell was "trying" to bring me back. Phooey! After everything I've given and been through on Y&R...

The word TRY shouldn't even be in the mix. A respectful business call would have been appropriate. And so you see, EVEN on a business level.

there is a demonstration of disrespect. I know for a fact Maria made it possible for Eric Braeden's return so how hard did she TRY for him?

I have this to say: It's all contingent upon who is perceived as important, WHO Maria is willing to take lumps 4 & WHOSE bluffs she'll call.

I stand by the integrity of my work and know my value. If anyone would like to discuss business please contact my attorney, Chuck Hurewitz.

Rowell's previous tweets about the negative experiences she allegedly faced at Y&R have been making the news for the past few weeks, from The Wall Street Journal to the popular urban blog YBF Among the allegations Rowell made, which caught the eye of the mainstream media, was an item about Y&R leading lady Melody Thomas Scott reportedly running around the set wearing a clown-colored, afro wig to mock Rowell's then-ethnic hairdo.