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Y&R's Signy Coleman Sheds Light on Adam's Psyche

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Signy Coleman

dished with

TV Guide's 

Michael Logan

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on her return to

The Young and the Restless

. The actress revealed her thoughts on if her alter ego knew how devious son Adam (

Michael Muhney

) turned out. Said Coleman:

I understand the importance of creating conflict but that was very sad to me. And it would have devastated Hope and broken her heart! She was such a standup gal with a strong moral compass. If she had lived she would have been on Adam like white on rice, telling him to straighten up his act and clean up his messes! She'd make him own it!

Coleman discussed if viewers will see what made Adam go down the wrong path.

TV Guide Magazine: So we'll finally get some clues to the puzzle?

Coleman: You're going to have a much better understanding of what happened to him. And who knows? The more evil and despicable a character is, the greater the redemption