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NPR: "The Talk" is on Very Shaky Ground


NPR's Linda Holmes attended the press tour panel for CBS' new daytime talk show The Talk -- set to replace As the World Turns and in NO WAY is it an attempt to cash in on the popularity of The View they'd like you to know -- and she confirmed in a column today what DC's own Luke Kerr and Jamey Giddens have long suspected: this show will stink like a bag of dead turtles. Well, OK she was more politic in her verbage than that -- "So far, the show looks on very, very shaky ground. A lot can change, but for now, CBS still has a way to go with this one" -- but really, her detailed and intelligent review is pretty scathing. In particular, she derides the show for its unclear "mom" motiff, for the obvious nepotism stickiness regarding Mrs. CBS (Julie Chen) herself, and for its thoroughly uninspiring hosts:

The bigger problem, though, is that the panel discussion didn't suggest that these women are going to have a lot of extremely sparkly banter to offer. Asked perhaps the softball-iest question they can ever hope to receive — basically "What's your pet peeve about your husband or partner?" (Gilbert's partner is a woman) — they offered mostly cliches. Winokur's husband is indecisive. Peete's husband snores. Gilbert's partner is better-looking in clothes than she is. Remini gave the dramatic, "Oh, am I only allowed to name one thing?" eye roll before settling on the fact that her husband only does nice things for her when he wants sex. Osbourne insisted Ozzy has no drawbacks at all, because his total indifference gives her such freedom — "He doesn't even know I'm doing this show." Julie Chen said that her husband wakes up the baby when the baby is sleeping. Not exactly the kinds of fresh and specific personal stories that keep an audience feeling embraced.

Aren't you glad that a 54 year old Emmy winning serial is being succeeded by this?

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