One Title Franco Won't Have

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James Franco–movie star, heartthrob, author, hipster poser, "artist", PhD candidate and soap actor -- will NOT be adding one title to his annoyingly pretentious eclectic resume: Yale lecturer. While it was widely speculated that he would be teaching a class at Yale this fall (where he is currently enrolled as an English PhD student), the Yale Daily News reports that this is as likely as a Freaks and Geeks reunion:

Though Franco told Good Morning America earlier this month that he would teach a class at Yale come January, English Department Chair Michael Warner said Franco now calls the story a "mix-up."

"As a grad student in our program, he would not ordinarily teach until his third year," Warner said in an e-mail to the News. "[Franco] was referring to another project: a proposal for a college seminar that did not work out for this year."

Warner said Franco "evidently" gave the interview before he knew that the seminar was not happening.

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