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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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A lot of characters and storylines were flowing today. 

Jason and Sam continue to discuss running rather than his return to jail.  But he's made his decision and he asks her forgiveness, which she gives.  She asks if he wants her to wait for him, which he does.  They spend their last hours together playing Dominoes.

Dante warns Brook against Johnny and then insists on taking her home.  She lets him, but then lets him have it. She tells him that he's acting like a jealous lover and storms off.  Lulu overhears and questions whether she has anything to worry about, but Dante assures her that he loves her and only her. 

Lisa and Patrick continue to fight and they storm off.  Later on, she approaches him and asks for a discussion.  They make arrangements to meet at Jake's, and I wonder what she has up her sleeve.

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Liz is still upset with Steven, when Nik and Lucky return to say they found part of Aiden's tag, meaning he could be anywhere.  Lucky tells Steven to lift the lockdown, as it's no longer necessary.  After Liz is sedated again, Steven apologizes to Nik and Nik says he's putting up a reward.

Alexis and Sonny head over to the hospital to insist on being allowed in. By the time they get there, the lockdown has been lifted and they find Carly, Kristina and Michael.  Alexis and Kristina have a moment.  Carly lets Alexis know how messed up Kristina has been through all of this.  Sonny tells Michael to watch himself, so as not to get on the wrong side of the parole officer.  Kristina praises Sonny for realizing that Bauer was abusing Kiefer and all the blame falls on Bauer's shoulders.

Michael and Kristina head over to Kelly's and K asks Michael about his violent streak.  Alexis and Sonny discuss Kristina and the fact that she still needs therapy. Sonny is rather dismissive of the idea, since it seems as though K has forgiven him and that's all he really cares about.

Jax and Skye spend the day in Barcelona enjoying a picnic and a walk in the rain, but at the end of the day, he's going home to his family.  She tells him if he ever wants her, she'll be waiting.

Olivia runs into Johnny at Kelly's and tells him about Ethan being shot and what she did to help save him.  Johnny praises her, but she reminds him that Bauer was a normal guy who let revenge get the best of him.  She doesn't want that for Johnny. He doesn't understand why she won't accept him for who he is.

Lucky shows up at the PCPD and Ronnie tells him that they checked out Jane Morgan. It appears as though she hasn't left town and may still be at the hospital.  Lucky tells Nik and Steven and then searches the hospital, finding a dead Jane Morgan in one of the rooms.

Dante heads over to the PCPD for his files from the LAPD, which Ronnie has.  They argue about Sonny and Jason again.  Dante reads the file and heads over to the penthouse.  Turns out, according to the autopsy report, the dead body in LA wasn't Franco.

Franco shows up at his mother's house with baby Aiden.