General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop!


Aiden’s still missing. Franco’s still alive and the freak is on the loose. Brenda’s return to Port Charles is just around the corner. It’s a busy time on GH! How does Brenda tie into Franco? Apparently Brenda Barrett is the artist’s new muse. I’m so ready for his run to truly end.

Where is baby Aiden? Franco stashes his mom and the newborn, sending the crew on the hunt. Lucky, Spinelli and Nikolas are all in search of the baby. Elizabeth finally relents and moves into Wyndamere. Helena has a few words for the guilt ridden momma. Why isn’t Jason in on the hunt for Jake’s little brother?

Jason’s butt is supposed to be back in Pentonville. Dante just happens to misplace some paperwork that holds up Jason’s transfer back to the clink. Sam is now in the mood for some loving. Before she wanted to play dominos, now she wants sex when a madman is still alive and has kidnapped a baby. Does that make any bit of sense? Who needs Jason anyway? Lucky and Spinelli are the ones who find out where Aiden is. Will Lucky be able to save his son, uh I mean nephew? It looks like Lucky gets through to Franco's mom and is able to get Aiden safe and sound.

Lisa, Lisa, Lisa… I can’t decide if I hate fatal attraction Dr. Niles more or if I actually like her. I must say, what started out as a very poorly written storyline, has now turned itself around so kudos to whoever is responsible for that. Lisa’s next move is to destroy some pictures of Scrubs that Robin has in her locker. Robin shows the pics to Patrick who confronts Lisa. Of course, Dr. Niles denies any and all responsibility. RUMOR has it she also threatens Steve with a sexual harrassment charge.

Claire… Diane gave you the BEST advice ever. USE BIRTH CONTROL and then you go and ask Sonny for a baby. You have to be the worst Federal Prosecutor EVER. Sonny makes a move against Johnny which has Dante arresting Johnny for murder. While in lock up, Johnny has a cellmate, Jason, and the two discuss the mob war that is about to break out in PC.

Carly reminds Brook she has a job to do… and it has nothing to do with Johnny Z. Is Brook taking drastic measures to complete her task? RUMOR has it that after she plants a smooch on Dante, she’ll drug him to set him up and Lulu will walk in on them.

Michael arrested? That’s a RUMOR out there! Here’s how it goes. Jason is sent back to Pentonville despite Dante delaying his return. Claire figures out a way to get him released once again only for Jason to be arrested with Michael. Is this when Jason and Johnny have their “heart to heart” about the mob war?

CRAZY and RANDOM… Sonny remembers Brenda. He’ll share some stories about Brenda with Claire. Does Sam have a plan to get Jason out of his latest jam? Is Lisa moving into Scrub’s bungalow? That’s out there. Patrick MAY need an assist from Maxie to kick her out when Dr. Niles moves on in while Robin is away. Will Lisa steal Robin’s meds? Mac isn’t too keen on Maxie dating Matt. How about a cop? RUMOR has it Lucky is planting another kiss on the blonde one. How does that cheek feel Brook? Brenda calls Robin. Will Michael save Johnny?