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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Is it just me, or does Franco's mom's new house look an awful lot like Carly's old house?

Lucky finds Jane Morgan, calls it in and heads over to tell Niz the bad news.  I'm pretty sure that if Liz gets any more bad news, her head will actually pop off.  Poor woman.

Michael and Kristina discuss his anger issues in general and her anger towards Sonny.  Michael heads over to Jason's, where he tells Jason the shooting story and Jason tells him the Franco story.  Jason tells him that he doesn't have to let the anger get him and Michael wonders if Jason can help him with that.

Sonny offers to go back to therapy with Kristina, if Alexis thinks that will help.  Alexis is all for it, as she wants Sonny and Kristina to  have a proper father/daughter relationship.

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Dante goes over the information with Jason and decides that Jason isn't going back to Pentonville, now that Franco isn't dead.

Sam gets a call from Kristina and heads over to Kelly's to talk.  K tells her the shooting story, but focuses on Sonny's words to Michael.  Sam tells her to stop being like Sonny and to stop resenting Sonny for everything.  Sam points out Sonny's failed relationship with Mike, and the fact that she doesn't have a father to have a relationship with, and tells Kristina to stop looking for trouble.  Later on, she tells Alexis that she tried to get through to Kristina.

Jax comes home to a welcome from the family, but while the gang plays a game, Jax tells of his adventures in Barcelona and Carly gets angrier and angrier.  Once the kids are gone, she asks if he slept with Skye while he was away.

Johnny heads over to the hospital to see Ethan and I love the concern on his face.  These two really are quite cute together.  Johnny declares that his war on Sonny isn't over yet. 

Sonny runs into Claire at the Metrocourt and starts the flirting again.  Claire tells him she only wants his baby, which prompts a shocked Olivia to question Claire's sanity (as do I).   Johhny arrives and Olivia apologizes to him for saying he's like Warren Bauer. He accepts, but informs her that he's still going after Sonny.  Johnny interrupts ClairSon, to let Claire know that he sent her pictures of Sonny unloading shipments.

Franco and his mother discuss the baby. He reminds his mother of the hard times they had when he was young and how difficult a child he was for her.   Franco tells her that the parents were overwhelmed by Aiden and didn't want him and that his lawyer has drawn up private adoption papers.  If mom wants the baby, he's hers. 

Dante and Lucky discuss the Franco case and the connection to Aiden.  They head over to Jason's to have him go over what happened in LA.  They realize the only way to find Franco is through his mother, but discover that she's gone. They have no idea where she's moved to (into Carly's house, I tell ya!).  Jason surmises that they won't find Franco this time, that the baby was the end game.