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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Dante, Jason and Lucky continue to try and figure out the Franco/Aiden mess.  They finally decide to bring in Spinelli and his computer banging.  Lucky heads out to find out information of Franco's mother's whereabouts while the others watch video of Franco from the art show.

Franco butters up his mother about the baby and how it will make up for the crappy son that he was and she accepts.  I'm not sure how smart it is to give an infant to a 60-something year old woman who doesn't appear to be the sharpest knife in the drawer, but what can you do.

Jax and Carly discuss Skye and her intentions towards Jax.  Jax claims he didn't sleep with Skye in Barcelona and asks if Carly slept with Sonny.  She admits to the disgusting couch incident but tearfully doesn't know if she and Jax can make it work, so he leaves.  I say, Jax is the best she's going to do at this point, so she should poop or get off the pot.

Johnny shows the pictures to Claire while Sonny denies any charge.  Johnny gets angry with Claire that she's not immediately having Sonny arrested.  Olivia pulls him away and he leaves.  Olivia warns Claire about Sonny again.  Sonny reminds Claire that he's not giving up his DNA anytime soon, but she lets him know that giving her a baby would create a conflict of interest and a new prosecutor would have to come in, which seems to pique Sonny's interest.  I still don't understand Claire's logic and I really, really hope she's playing him.

Patrick confesses to Coleman about his one night stand.  Lisa shows up and apologizes to Patrick but at the same time, continues to drop little nuggets about their time together.  Patrick insists that there's nothing between them, which she agrees to and leaves.  Probably to go to the pet shop to buy those bunnies.

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Robin meets with a half naked Steven in the locker room to discuss a patient, but who knows what they were talking about since I spent that time eyeing Scott Reeves mighty fine-ness!!  Robin brings up Lisa and her attempts to sabotage the Scrubs marriage and asks Steven to tranfser Lisa.  He tells Robin that he can't, since she'll likely charge him with sexual harassment.

Brooke and Johnny have a cute meet at Jake's, but Carly walks in and sees them and is angry with Brooke that she's not keeping her eye on the bigger prize of Dante.

Lisa runs into Robin at the hospital and apologizes.  Robin accepts the apology half heartedly, but later on, when she gets back to her locker, she finds her pictures are all scratched up. 

Steve shows up at Jake's and tells Patrick that Robin was fishing about the Lisa/Patrick connection, but that he didn't tell her about the affair.  He reminds Patrick to go home to his wife.  Olivia shows up, steamed about the Sonny/Johnny mess and I think a one night stand between these two is on the horizon.

Brooke pays Sonny a visit to ask him not to kill Johnny.  He warns her to stay away from Johnny, which pisses her off.

Carly shows up at Johnny's on the pretext of checking up on the blender she gave him and makes herself at home.  He wonders what she wants from him. 

Franco's flying off to parts unknown, discussing a new project, while looking at pictures of Brenda.