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Jillian's B&B Spoilers!


Hope: She is adamant on not giving a pass to Oliver and Brooke.

Stephanie: She starts to wonder about Liam when she spots his name tag from Spencer Publications. Stephanie bullies Liam into snitching about his part in rigging the video presentation.

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Taylor: She gives Steffy her shares of Forrester Creations to keep her on. Her plan fizzles when Ridge puts his foot down and vetoes her return to the business.

Bill: He persuades Donna to sell her Forrester Creations shares. Dollar Bill tries to make a power move to buy Steffy's shares when he finds out Taylor gave them to her. Steffy turns him down. Later, Bill informs Steffy he can absolve her of the guilt behind the tape for a price. Steffy ponders the offer.

Brooke: She and Stephanie have a heated showdown regarding Hope and her place in the Forrester family.

Owen/Bridget: The two share a tender moment when they feel baby Knight kicking.