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Jillian's DAYS Spoilers!


Nicole: She seeks out Chloe for a shoulder to cry on.

Vivian: She tells Maggie to back off Victor.

Victor: He figures out Nicole is responsible for Brady being back on the sauce.

Philip: He is terrified Melanie will return to Nathan.

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Stefano: He fills Will in on Madeline's betrayal.

Brady/Nicole: He hauls her off to the Salem PD to fess up on where she received the money when she doesn't tell him the truth.

Fay: She snitches to Rafe about Nicole's dirty deeds.

Carly: She fears Melanie and Daniel will turn their backs on her. Later, she blocks Daniel from discovering the truth.

Melanie: She gets a job offer at St. Mary's hospital.

Bo: He realizes Fancy Face's odd personality is due to the meds she's on.

Dr. Baker: He tries to stop Hope from confessing all. Later, Brady assaults him. After Dr. Baker is arrested, Nicole bails him out of jail.