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Jillian's Y&R Spoilers!


Adam/Sharon/Nick: Nick returns to discover Adam bleeding. After calling the ranger, Sharon confesses to shooting Adam. He is rushed to the hospital with Nick and Sharon following behind. Sharon starts to crack when Skye wants to know what happened to Adam. The ranger arrives and asks Sharon if she shot Adam on purpose. Luckily for Sharon, Michael arrives.

The legal eagle gives her bad news, she may be charged with shooting Adam. A distraught Sharon is consoled by Nick and Victor. The doctor informs the family Adam will pull through. Sharon is glad about the news but wonders if Adam will send her to jail. Meanwhile Adam weighs his options while Sharon tries to rid herself of Adam.

Phyllis: She reveals a shocker.

Tucker: The rebel billionaire tells Cane he can help with his immigration problems. Tucker throws Jill a bone, if she can get Billy to snitch on Victoria he can help her out. Later Billy is betrayed once again.

Billy/Victoria: The love birds go public with their relationship.

JT/Mac: Mac drops a bombshell on JT who offers one to her also.

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Jill/Lauren: Michael pushes his wife to extend an olive branch to Jill. At first, Lauren agrees, but decides against it when she spots Jill on television at their father's grave bashing her! Lauren heads to the cemetery and has a showdown with her new big sister Jill. Lauren tells everyone watching Jill is only interested in the Fenmore money. Jill insists she wants to be close to their dad.

Lauren pushes Jill inside the grave while a horrified Michael looks on. She then tells Jill she will get a restraining order against her but is shocked when Michael says Jill can actually have once placed on her. Lauren gets pissed when Michael doesn't agree with her. Later, Kay tells Jill to cool it with Lauren since she is her sister.

Jeff/Gloria: The duo reopen Indigo and call the club, Gloworm.

Kevin/Jana/Ryder: Kevin tries desperately to find Ryder and Jana in order to save Crimson Lights. Kevin gets help from an unlikely place. Meanwhile Jana tells Ryder to do right by Kevin. Look for Ryder to leave town.

Paul/Cricket: The ex-spouses can't fight the past.

Patty: She calls Paul.

Emily: She says goodbye and leaves town.

Adam/Sharon: His trial begins while Sharon wrestles with her testimony.