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Adrienne Barbeau Dishes Brenda's Return On GH


Adrienne Barbeau spills the tea to TV Guide's Michael Logan on what goes down on General Hospital to make Brenda Barrett (Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo) reutrn to Port Charles.

TV Guide Magazine: Tell us about Suzanne. What brings her and Brenda Barrett to Port Charles?

She's a journalist who has seen so much tragedy in the world where children are concerned and she establishes an organization, the Alliance to Save Exploited Children, that concentrates on the victims of sex trafficking. Brenda becomes the spokesperson who's out there bringing attention to the cause and bringing in corporate endowments. One day in Rome she is attacked while appearing at a press conference. We don't know who did it but her life is clearly in jeopardy and it's pretty much up to Suzanne to take care of Brenda and make sure it doesn't happen again. Suzanne is going to hire a bodyguard who may be someone from Brenda's life back in Port Charles.

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Barbeau also reveals a possible romance on the horizon for her character.

TV Guide Magazine: Well, have Suzanne start flirting up a storm while she's there. That's how to stay on the show!

I hear Suzanne is going to find someone in Port Charles very attractive! I don't want to say too much, but [head writer] Bob Guza has mentioned to me that she will lay her eyes on one certain guy in town and suddenly it's "Oh...maybe it's time to put on some makeup!" [Laughs] So we'll see.

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