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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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This felt like an episode where the writers tried to respond to the fans' many complaints.

Jason, Dante and Spinelli continue to argue while looking for clues from Franco. Despite his frenetic banging, Spinelli has a hard time getting a clear picture, which frustrates Dante, and the two argue like children. Eventually, Dante leaves.

Johnny is suspicious of Carly’s visit, since she’s Sonny’s ex, but she assures him that there is no love lost between her and Sonny these days. They discuss Claudia and her craziness.

Sonny continues to warn Brook away from Johnny, but she’s not interested in being treated like a 12-year-old and tells him so. Claire arrives as Sonny and Brook share a goodbye hug. She’s a little miffed that everytime she shows up, he’s with another woman. Brook assures her that Sonny is only a family friend and leaves.

Robin shows Patrick the pictures and they confront Lisa who denies everything and throws it back on Robin, that she’s trying to get attention from her husband. Patrick tells Robin that Lisa might be telling the truth and that he might have enemies that would come after Robin, because of his behaviour while she was gone.

Steven tells Olivia about Lisa and Scrubs over a pitcher of margaritas. He thinks he should tell Robin, but she advises against it. Just when I think they’re going to head upstairs for a rendez-vous, she decides she wants to try one more time to get through to Johnny, and leaves Steven hanging.

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Lulu pays Ethan a visit (See, she’s good sister!). While he appreciates the visit, he lets her off the hook and she leaves. Tracy also stops by with clothes for Ethan. They discuss Luke and her inability to reach him to tell him what happened. Tracy denies having feelings for Luke other than anger, which Ethan doesn’t believe.

Lulu pops into Jake’s and tells Coleman about her fears for Dante – that she thinks Dante should cut his losses and send Jason back to Pentonville, sooner rather than later. Sam overhears and calls Lulu on her crap. Unfortunately, Sam loses points with me when she acts indignant that Lulu would think Jason would make a run for it, considering she and Spin were just trying to convince Jason of that themselves. Then, she makes a speech to Lulu about love not making you forget who you are, and I wonder if she’s talking about Lante or about herself and Jason.

Olivia shows up at Johnny’s, gets angry when she find Carly parked on the couch with a glass of wine, and goes off. The two women get into a screaming match and Johhny has to break them up.

Claire tells Sonny that she had Johnny’s photos analyzed and they weren’t doctored. I wonder again why she’s telling her suspect all the evidence against him. He reiterates that he’s not going to father a baby for her, so she drops the bomb that surveillance of Johnny’s place showed Carly paying him a visit.

Sonny calls Carly, demanding to know where she is, and she hangs up on him. Carly than shows up at Sonny’s, pissed off that he was demanding answers from her. He reminds her that Johnny is his enemy. She reminds him that Claire is his. When Claire leaves, the two go off on each other and, for a moment, I thought we’d be subjected to hate sex #876. Thankfully, he just stormed up the stairs and Carly stormed out the front door.

Line of the day:

Carly to Sonny:
“If I stayed away from all your enemies, I’d have no one to hang out with.”


Carly to Sonny: “If you get in trouble again, don’t expect me to perjure myself for you.”

Dante comes home to Lulu, who asks for info on Aiden and Franco (See, she asks about her nephew, and even mentions leaving a message for Nikolas!). She brings up what Sam said about losing herself in a relationship. Dante tells her if she wants to back off, that’s fine, but he loves her. Michael arrives and they rockband together (See, Lante isn’t all about sex. They have fun with Michael!)

Ending montage: Brook puts on a sexy song at Jake’s and flirts with Johnny some more. Spinelli leaves, allowing JaSam some quiet time alone. Patrick throws away the torn pictures and he and Robin leave together, while Lisa watches.