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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Lulu wakes up to find a frustrated Dante on the phone with Lucky, who’s also getting nowhere. Lante discuss the case, and Lulu says she feels bad for what Liz and Nik are going through and that she wasn’t there for them. Claire shows up, unannounced, to see if there is any progress with Franco, because her superiors are breathing down her neck to get Jason back into jail.

Helena shows up at the hospital and blames Liz for losing the baby, stating that if she had accepted Nik’s proposal to move into Windemere, than the baby wouldn’t have been born prematurely and available for Franco. Nik throws Helena out, but Liz begins to blame herself.

JaSam and Spinelli continue to try to decipher the legal document in the video, concerned that if they don’t find something, Jason will have to go back to Pentonville. Diane shows up and she interprets the legalese as an adoption decree, so they assume that Franco is planning to adopt Aiden.

Steve calls Maya on a medication mistake she made with a patient and she apologizes again for freezing during the shooting. Ethan overhears and tries to make cute with Maya, but she’s still not happy about her behaviour that night.

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Carly warns Brook to stay away from Johnny and to concentrate on Dante. Brook reminds her that Dante’s busy with the case right now, but Carly’s not interested. Olivia confronts Carly and demands to know her intentions with Johnny. They go another round before Olivia storms off.

Maxie’s sitting with Mac. Matt comes in to check on his patient and Maxie kisses him on her way out of the room. Mac’s angry that Matt is taking advantage of Maxie, while she’s upset about Mac. There are far too many "M" names in that sentence! Maxie comes back and tells Mac that she’s the one pursuing Matt. Mac says he’d rather she be with Spinelli out of love, than with Matt out of gratitude.

Johnny runs into Brook and they flirt, until Carly breaks it up. Then Carly flirts with Johnny, and I’m sure he’s wondering what lottery he hit that everyone wants a piece of him. Johnny runs into Olivia and they have another argument – about how she hates his agenda against Sonny and how he hates the way she protects Sonny. Brook warns Carly that if she doesn’t back off, she’ll tell Jax that Carly’s been hanging out with Johnny.

Lulu sees Nikolas at the hospital. He tells her what happened with Helena and she questions if that’s what Nik is thinking as well, but he assures her that he doesn’t blame Liz for the kidnapping. Lulu apologizes for being a bad sister all these months and they hug.

Liz apologizes to Steven for going off on him. She checks herself out of the hospital and Nikolas takes her home, where the kids had made a banner to welcome their new brother.

Johnny saves Ethan from an Epiphany sponge bath and then tells him about Carly coming onto him and how he’ll use it to his advantage against Sonny.

Spinelli figures out that the town on the document says Oregon. Jason and Dante are headed out there when Ronnie shows up to take Jason away.