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Beth Chamberlin: CELL's "Season Two Will Explode"

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We Love Soaps’Damon L. Jacobs caught up with former Guiding Light star and CELL season finale shockerBeth Chamberlin to talk about life one year after GL ended and how she will impact CELL’s second season.

We Love Soaps: We have learned this year that with every ending there are new beginnings. And we have seen many new beginnings in your career this year. We loved your work in STEAMBOAT. Please tell us about your work in the CELL.

Beth Chamberlin: CELL was so much fun. What a top notch group of people to work with. When someone I really respect said to take a look at this, I thought, eh, I don’t know. But I looked at one episode of CELL and said, “This is really good!” I had to leave, and my husband watched all the episodes that have been up at that point, and he also said, “That is really good.” So we decided that I would do it. It was actually shooting the weekend of his birthday, so that was a big deal. Mark Gardner, who is the writer, director, producer, is a real perfectionist. He actually rescheduled the shoot for me. Because the original shoot was supposed to be the weekend of the Emmys which I couldn’t do. So he rescheduled it, but that put him in the position of having to edit the show in ten days. It really put him in a tough position. Yet it is so well done. And I have read his backstory. Before he even wrote one word he wrote this very detailed backstory. Everything you are seeing has meaning. He has dropped bread crumbs, but season two will explode.

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