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Celebs React to Historic Prop 8 Ruling!


Excited by the historic (and joyous) overruling of Prop 8, celebs have taken to Twitter to sing kumbaya and bask in the triumph of equality. The Hollywood ABC blog has compiled a list of their responses. Among them were three soap actors -- Michael Muhney (Y&R), Scott Evans (ex-OLTL) and Brett Claywell (OLTL). The latter two comments were especially bittersweet, since their own historic gay storyline on One Life to Live was given the shaft by panicked ABC execs buckling to bigotry. Here's what those three actors said (Scott Evans' is my personal favorite):

Michael Muhney:

Prop 8 over-freaking-turned! Here's to ANYONE in love enjoying the right to marry. The good guys won this time!

Brett Claywell:

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With all the war and hunger and poverty, it's great to know that some still simply believe in love. Congratulations California! Equality is not [a] privilege. It's a human right!

Scott Evans:

What an incredible day. Not over, but what a huge step. Suck on that Prop 8 "yes" voters.

And as a non-celeb, if I may add my own: CONGRATULATIONS to all the couples in California who can now do what they should have been allowed to do all this time. May the rest of the country follow suit, and may this someday just all be a triumphant chapter in the history of American civil rights.