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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Sonny's talking to Bennie and Max about a hit he put out on one of the Lopez brothers, in which he made it look like Johnny was the culprit.  Bernie's concerned that Anthony will retaliate, but Sonny figures his plan is fool-proof, since no one knows he was responsible for the car bomb or the Lopez hit.  Claire shows up and I wonder if she doesn't have any other cases she should be working on.  Sonny asks her for dinner, but she doesn't want to be seen eating at the restaurant (but apparently visiting there is cool), so they head over to the Metrocourt.

Ronnie and Dante go twelve rounds about Jason and his help in finding Franco versus his return to prison.  Ronnie takes Jason to the PCPD, while Dante and Sam plan to try to stall the return.  Diane arrives and explains to Spinelli that she can't help Jason, even though she'd love to make Ronnie's life miserable.  Spinelli asks her why, since Jason pays her a fortune, can't she keep him out of jail.  Diane leaves, to find a way to stall.

Lucky lands in Oregon.  Dante calls and tells him about Jason's return to jail and advises him to call Spinelli for information.  When Lucky calls, Spin gives him some crap about Lucky being absent when the precious Stone Cold was hauled off to prison. Lucky reminds the little snot that he's out looking for a missing newborn and throws guilt Spinelli's way, telling him that if he doesn't help and Aiden is hurt, it will be on Spin's head.  Spinelli gives Lucky information about a house sold to a Karen Robertson.

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Liz wants things to be different now and says she wants to move herelf and the boys to Windemere with Nikolas, so they can raise the kids together.  Helena tells Thor that now that the baby is likely gone for good, she doens't want Nikolas to continue to suffer, so she decides she'll tell him the truth about the paternity.  Just as Liz and Nik are leaving to pick up the boys, Helena arrives and tells them she has something important to tell them about Aiden.

Ethan and Johnny continue to discuss Carly's flirting and how, if the situation presents itself, Johnny will take advantage of Carly, just to mess with Sonny.  I love the friendship between these two, especially when Ethan gets concerned for his safety and Johnny calls him "Ethel". 

Carly gets all "oh no you diddent" on Brook, who tries to hold her own; but she hasn't had as many years being a crazy biatch, so Carly wins.  When Jax walks in, Carly calls him over and informs him that Brook wanted him to know that Carly was with Johnny the night before.  Brook slinks away.  Jax questions Carly about bringing another mobster in his children's lives and she assures him that she has no intentions of having Johnny around the kids.  Jax warns Brook that she can't handle Carly's games.  Carly tells Brook to either leave town or continue to try and seduce Dante.  Brook meekly agrees and Carly also tells her to stay away from Johnny.

Ronnie has Jason at the PCPD and baits him about putting him and Sonny in prison together.  Dante steals the transfer papers to stall the transfer.  Diane shows up with a writ from a judge preventing Ronnie from taking Jason away.

Johnny shows up to flirt with Carly, just as Claire and Sonny show up to eat.  Dante shows up to arrest Johnny for the Lopez brother's murder.

Ethan tries to leave the hospital, but is stopped by Epiphany, who is determined to sponge bath and shave him.  Tracy arrives in time to throw her weight around, and Ethan is released into her custody to recuperate at the Q mansion.

Lucky shows up at Karen's house and talks up the neighbour to find out information.  Karen and the baby return from their errands while Lucky watches.