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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop!


Can anyone get past Brenda’s return? How about Maxie and Lucky? Or do we prefer Maxie and Matt? I’m more open to a Shelle re-do right now as it gives Jason Cook some much needed screen time. Will Matt warn Maxie about messing with Lucky? Will Maxie and Lucky’s lips meet once again? Lucky will tell Maxie that he wishes Aiden was his son. Guess what Lucky, he is!

Claire and her sperm hunt… How ridiculous is this storyline? Just because his sperm rarely misses, it does not mean Sonny is your ideal sperm donor. Sonny sees a woman on the docks, Claire, and mistakes her for Brenda. The pair head back to Sonny’s house – since that is good for appearances – where Sonny plants one on the prosecutor hoping to get the Brenda-sized cobwebs out of his head. Claire wonders if Sonny has ever really loved any woman with everything he has. Will Sonny and Claire’s “relationship” lead to Jason’s release?

Johnny has issues with Claire and Sonny… and he takes them to Judge Carroll! What will the Judge think of the Federal Prosecutor spending quality time with the town Godfather? Judge Carroll sets his sights on ending Claire’s career if Johnny’s claims are true. Will Johnny also tell the Judge about the Lopez set-up?

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Back to the topic on everyone’s mind… BRENDA, BRENDA, BRENDA! What in the world is going on with the world’s shortest super model? She has her charity work to save exploited children. A movie star boyfriend. The Russian Mob is threatening her and a psycho artist wants her to be face of his latest piece. Despite the Mobular threat – I mean come on, that’s just a trip around the park for Brenda Barrett – Brenda wants to go ahead with her philanthropic work.

The Lopez Family wants revenge… and as with any mob family revenge, that means gunfire. Michael comes to Johnny’s rescue while Johnny, Ethan and Dante cover-up Michael’s involvement. Why was Michael there in the first place? He wanted to meet with Johnny to “broker” peace between Johnny and Sonny.

Like I said last week, I liked this fatal attraction storyline. Now, not so much, at least not this tid bit. I mentioned Lisa moving in while Robin is away in NYC and honestly, it just sounds ridiculous. Maxie comes to Patrick’s assistance in getting rid of his unwelcome guest. Will Lisa go for more pictures while in residence? Perhaps she comes across Scrubs’ wedding album? Patrick is confessing to the one night stand! Will Robin give Patrick another shot?

Sonny shoots Johnny! He claims self defense. Will Carly nurse Johnny back to health? Kristina stands vigil outside the ICU. Michael claims dear old dad is innocent. Will Dante believe Sonny’s story?

CRAZY and RANDOM… Lulu and Dante discuss marriage. Brenda can’t get Sonny out of her mind before her date. Maya gets a hot kiss from Ethan. Dante turns down Brook Lynn’s seductions. Kristina confides in Michael that she fears she’ll never be able to have a boyfriend again. Olivia goes to see Johnny after he’s been arrested and begs him to drop the revenge plot against Sonny. Carly tells Lulu that Dante cannot be trusted. Lisa threatens Steve with sexual harassment. Claire gets Jason released. Spinelli funnels dirty funds into Dante’s bank account. Morgan sneaks out to see his father. Brenda calls Sonny. Kristina and Sonny talk about Brenda. Another shoot out? This one involves Jason and Sam. Is Lisa taking Emma? Will the movie star propose marriage to Brenda? Who will ride in to save Brook Lynn from herself?