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DAYS' Reckell on Bo Learning Fancy Butt's Gone Fool in The Head: "It's Like Being Run Over by a Jet Plane"

Fancast's Sara Bibel caught up with Peter Reckell and Kristian Alfonso at the recent Television Critics Association (TCA) party in Los Angeles for her Deep Soap blog. Check out what Reckell had to say about his alter ego, Bo learning Hope (Alfonso) went so bat shit crazy, hyped up on generic grade Ambien, that she almost killed him:


How does it impact Bo to learn that the love of his life is capable of this?

Reckell: It’s like being run over by a jet plane because it’s a lot of information that I didn’t have and didn’t know about. [Hope was] seeing the anger that she hasn’t even realized yet through the videotape. I was faced with the emotions that came from our split up. The sorrow’s been huge.

Click here for the rest of Bibel's interview with my all-time favorite soap supercouple!

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