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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Hey, I think Brenda’s coming back to Port Charles. No, really!

Dante arrests Johnny for Lopez’ murder, but Johnny claims he’s innocent and that Sonny is setting him up. Dante takes him in anyway.

Sonny assures Claire that Johnny is lying and she says she wants to believe him. And again, I wonder how often she’s been dropped on her head.

Diane continues stalling Ronnie. When Dante shows up, he and Ronnie go another couple of rounds over rehashed material. Dante insists that if Jason was released to him, that he should be the one to return him. Diane sets that in motion.

Lucky pretends to be a census taker in order to get into Karen’s house and ask her questions. She’s very forthcoming at first, but then Lucky pushes too hard and she kicks him out. He comes back later with his badge and tells her that Aiden has been kidnapped and that he’s the baby’s father.

Helena beats around the bush with Niz and doesn’t tell the truth. Alexis shows up and helps Nik throw Helena out. Alexis offers her comfort to Liz and asks her if there’s anything she can do for her. Nik follows Helena to the docks where he confronts her about the secret she’s keeping. She tells him that she’s changed her mind about letting him know the secret and he makes her swear on Stavros’ name that she didn’t take Aiden.

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Line #1 of the day:

Helena to Nikolas:
"You stay with your brood mare and her crop of illegitimate little ragtags.”

Lulu shows up at Spinelli’s with orange pop, chips and apologies, but he’s not really interested in anything she has to say. She tells him she will continue to support Dante even though she has her own thoughts as well. He reminds her that everyone has warned her about Dante’s lying ways.

Carly shows up and Lulu accidentally overhears her mentioning getting someone, but Carly covers and tells her she was talking about evil Franco. Lulu leaves and Carly continues to plot Dante/Lante’s demise with a gleeful Spinelli.

Jason and Johnny share the interrogation room. Johnny tells him he didn’t kill Lopez, but Jason tells him it doesn’t matter, if Carlos Lopez thinks he did.

Line #2 of the day:

Johnny to Jason: “Once I get rid of Sonny, you can come work for me.”

Claire meets with Johnny to get his statement. He writes out his alibi for her, but then gets upset when she starts waxing poetic about Sonny. He tears up his alibi, since he thinks he can’t trust her, and she leaves. However, she has an odd look on her face that makes me hope really hard that she’s playing both of them.

Robin tells Patrick that she ran into Brenda while in Africa. Robin heads over to Sonny’s to tell him, as well, and gives him Brenda’s number and email address. Patrick apologizes to Robin about his jealousy over Stone.

JaSam say goodbye as Dante takes Jason away.

Carly tells Brook that she’ll make sure Lulu and Michael are out of the way, so that she can get Dante into bed tonight.

Sonny reminisces about himself and Brenda.