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Has The View Become a Talk-tastrophe?

Another week, another televised trainwreck on ABC Daytime's The View. On Wednesday's episode of the talker, cast members from Real Housewives of D.C., including the controversial whackadoodle Michaele Salahi (Who along with her husband Tareq, allegedly crashed President Barack Obama first State Dinner in November of 2009) appeared to promote their lame docusoap. Sorry, I'm a Jersey Housewives fan myself.


Drama ensued as a pair of comediennes attempted to conduct an interview with four or five hissing, sniping, desperate, beltway social climbers. This prompted View moderator Whoopi Goldberg—who wasn't part of this segment— to come from backstage to ask Salahi to get back on track about the alleged party crashing and stop trying to defend her creepy husband from some creepy charge. Follow me so far? Good, because I lost myself sentences ago.

Reportedly things got even more tense backstage, when Goldberg and the Salahis started sparring verbally because Lady Salahi allegedly lied and said Whoopi hit her, which you can clearly see on camera, Whoopi hadn't. If you missed it, check out a clip of the interview that started all this mess in the first place, after the jump:

As much of a pair of freakazoids as these Salahi characters obviously are, I am getting really tired of The View co-hosts not giving their guests a chance to even answer questions. It's one thing to spout a myriad of opinions when its just the co-hosts, but when they're doing an interview, shouldn't they let the subject, you know, talk? I mean, why bring people on this show just to give them horse whippings, punctuated by prompted cheers from the studio audience? This isn't Ancient Rome.

Sure, these coffee klatch pitch fork sessions are sometimes needed (Glenn Beck, anyone?), but it's beginning to become all they do on this show. I miss Meredith.

Also, in Salahi's defense (God, I hate typing those words), Whoopi or Bill Geddie should have been using their communication devices to get Sherri and Joy back on track. They were supposed to be the ringmasters for this circus. If Whoopi wanted them to focus the segment on the White House, why did Sheri start in about petty Real Housewives bull ish first? And why is Whoopi more pissed at some silly reality stars for crashing a party, than she is her pal Mel Gibson for saying he hopes a pack of n!@@*#$@ rape his baby mama? Check out a clip of the co-hosts addressing the talk-tastrophe:

With Babs having health woes of late, I really think it should be a top priority for Geddie and Brian Frons to add a calmer, credentialed, journalistic presence to The View. It was okay when Rosie and Elisabeth were the only co-hosts screeching at each other from across their lattes, but now it seems as if all The View co-hosts are trying much to hard to become immortalized in a You Tube clip for eviscerating a guest and/or one another. When does The Governator's term in Cali end? I say Fronsie should ask Maria Shriver to come on board and class the joint back up. I cried like a baby when she decided to give up her career to support her hubby's political aspirations. Forget Julie Chen, somebody give Maria a show!

If not Maria, then why not ask Jane Pauley to step in when Babs isn't there to take a Cat o' Nine Tails to her rowdy employees? Something has got to give, because what was once my favorite talk show now requires a powerful sedative just to watch the outtakes.

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Photo courtesy of ABC