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One Life to Live Spoilers!

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A confession, a cover-up and a tearful goodbye shake things up in Llanview this week. Get ready for all the juicy spoilers for the week of August 9.


Hannah/Cole: Hannah gets another visit from Eli. This time he tells her to keep quiet about the overdose if she wants Cole to continue breathing. At the same time, Cole is telling John that he doesn't believe that Hannah committed those crimes. John takes Cole's words to heart and questions Hannah again. Will Cole's admittance to John bring him closer to Hannah?

John/Natalie/Brody/Jessica: At the crime scene, big mouth Natalie decides to tell Brody she's pregnant. She even tells him about her almost abortion. Brody is floored by Natalie's confession. They talk and return to the station. John wonders why they took so long and Natalie tells him she felt ill and had to tell Brody about her pregnancy. Later on, John feels more comfortable about having a baby with Natalie. Will Brody tell Jessica about his one night stand with Natalie now that he knows she pregnant?

Viki/Charlie: Viki and Charlie come back from vacation and are pleasantly surprised by Jessica's pregnancy and engagement. How will they react when Natalie shares her news?

Inez/Nate: Inez remembers Bo's words and decides to tell Nate that Ford and James are his brothers. Nate is upset about his mother's secrets and storms off. Later, he gets some good advice from Dani. Will Nate make up with his mother?

Eli knocks Cristian over the head and hightails it out of the room with Evangeline's file on Bennett Thompson. Meanwhile, Kelly decides to take matters into her own hands with Eli. She breaks into his room at the Palace and starts to dig around. Kelly finds herself in a bind when Eli suddenly shows up at the room. She hides under the bed and texts Rex to save her, while Eli shreds the file he stole. After Eli leaves, Rex comes to Kelly's rescue. She tells him about the file Eli shredded and they decide to get the pieces and put them back together. Rex thinks Natalie could help them with this, so they head to La Bouillabaisse. Natalie agrees to help them put the file back together. Will Eli figure out what Kelly and Rex have done before it's too late?

Langston/Starr/James: Starr informs Langston about her conversation with James and his feelings for her. Langston gives Starr some advice and then leaves. Soon after, Langston gets a date with James (Side Note: Triflin!). How will Starr react to Langston having a date with James?

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Tea/Blair/Dani/Todd: Tea's time on this Earth is winding down and she has an important talk with Blair. With the utmost confidence, Tea asks Blair to take care of Dani and be her legal guardian once she passes on. A tearful Blair accepts. Tea returns to her place with Todd, where Dani and Todd are in an unpleasant mood about her decision to live the rest of her days alone in hospice. Dani orders Todd to stop Tea. However, Todd believes they should respect Tea's final wishes. Todd, Tea and Dani share a heart-breaking goodbye. Later, Todd starts to break down over Tea. Will Todd let Tea give up this easily?

Sneak Peeks at Next Week (August 16):

  • A double wedding is planned.
  • Jessica confronts Ford.
  • David and Dorian share a toe-curling kiss.
  • Starr and Langston have it out about James.
  • Blair tells Eli about Kelly's intuition about him.
  • John makes an arrest.