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Jillian's B&B Spoilers!


Ridge: He attacks Oliver. Later, Ridge tells Brooke he wants Liam to steer clear of their family. Ridge begs Steffy for forgiveness and offers her a plum job at Forrester Creations.

Stephanie: She gives some advice to Oliver.

Katie: She wants answers from Bill.

Liam/Hope: The Spencer Publications whiz kid comes to Hope's rescue. Later, Liam fills Hope in on his history and she talks about the pain she went through with Oliver and Brooke. Liam also tells Hope that Steffy was a victim of the video fiasco. The two share a kiss, watched by Oliver.

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Oliver: Mr. Jones is hellbent on winning back his lady love. Oliver visits Hope and sings her favorite song. He also reveals to her he's still wearing their necklace. Hope is moved by his gestures.

Amber: She unloads on Bridget, ending their cease fire.

Stephanie/Steffy: Grandma and granddaughter tease Brooke.

Nick/Agnes: The couple butt heads.

Bill: He tells Steffy all about Justin and Liam setting her up. Katie is not thrilled Dollar Bill kept the secret regarding Steffy from her.

Owen/Jackie: Mr. Knight is not happy being the boy toy in front of the camera anymore. He tells Jackie he wants to work behind the scenes.

Liam: He tries to defend himself to Steffy.