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Jillian's DAYS Spoilers!


Brady: He lets Sami know she'll regret her choice to marry EJ.

EJ: He frets about Nicole.

Nicole: She attempts to get forgiveness from Brady.

Vivian: She offers her assistance to get Hope out of her current situation. Vivian plots to annex Maggie out of Victor's life.

Stefano/Kate: The DiMeras try to bury the hatchet with Sami.

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Bo: He discusses his plans for Hope.

Rafe/Sami/EJ: Sami says yes to EJ's proposal. Rafe finds out and is devastated by the news, but wishes Sami well when he runs into her at the pier. Sami realizes he knows about her engagement toEJ and takes off after him. Rafe confirms her suspicions and tells her he hope she's happy. Sami tries to convince him she loves EJ. Rafe doesn't buy Sami's story and kisses her. Deep down Sami wants Rafe to admit he wants her back. Rafe takes Sami's response to his kiss to mean she still wants him as well.

Rafe belives once he finds out who orchestrated Sydney's kidnapping he can win Sami back before it's too late. Later, Rafe finds out the lab results he ordered on the disc Fay destroyed are back. He hears fragmented recordings of EJ and Stefano talking about Sydney's kidnapping on the CD . Rafe puts it all together and finally realizes EJ was the mastermind behind his own daughter's kidnapping! He also ascertains Nicole is blackmailing her ex. Rafe knows the recording won't hold water in court and figures out Nicole must have another copy of the CD. Rafe vows to do whatever it takes to obtain a second copy of the CD.

Rafe: He seduces Nicole. Sami finds out he was with Nicole. Later, Rafe is victorious in snagging the CD with EJ's confession.

EJ/Sami: Their wedding starts, but will it end in happily ever after, or heartache?

Justin/Adrienne: The two try to figure out their relationship issues.

Stephanie: She starts to wonder about Philip and Chloe's odd behavior. Stephanie decides to break into Daniel's apartment to see if she can find out what's going on between the high school sweethearts. She starts to dig around and is almost busted by Daniel and Chloe. A quick thinking Stephanie (She is Patch's kid!) hides out in the closet. Daniel is paged to return to the hospital. Once he leaves, Chloe calls Philip over. Stephanie listens in on the two discussing their fling and the possibility that Chloe is carrying Philip's baby! Steph knows if the baby is Philip's, Melanie will rush back into Nathan's arms.

Stephanie finds out Chloe's paternity test is being done at St. Mary's. Once Philip and Chloe leave, Stephanie goes to St. Mary's and attempts to hack into their computerized records. She calls a friend to help her gain access to the hospital records and finds out the paternity of Chloe's baby. Looks like Lil' Steph was listening in when her Aunt Marlena called to gripe to Kayla about Cousin Sami's antics!